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Learning That Never Ends

Qualities of a Lifelong Learner

Margie Pearse and Mary Dunwoody

Creating lifelong learners is ideally what we, as teachers, desire for all students. We understand the values and rewards that come from acquiring a thirst for knowledge. Wanting children to see learning as a valuable tool is easy, but knowing how to instill that love, now that is a different story. That story is presented here, in easy-to-understand text and ideas, to guide students through the concepts of lifelong learning.
Learning That Never Ends demystifies the concept of lifelong learning in a way that makes it easy and accessible for all. This work literally levels the playing field for any and all students to find success in life.
Every idea, every tool provided comes from fifteen years of research and experimentation across socioeconomic levels and subject areas from elementary to college, in hundreds of classrooms. With the ideas from this book, you can empower all students with the qualities of a lifelong learner.
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978-1-4758-0530-7 • Hardback • September 2013 • $81.00 • (£54.95)
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Margie Pearse has over 25 years of teaching experience with certifications in elementary education, mathematics, and English as a second language; and is presently an instructional consultant, college professor, and lead author of Teaching Numeracy: 9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking. Margie’s passion to empower all students with the qualities they need to succeed in life led her to the discovery of Learning That Never Ends.

Mary Dunwoody has a professional career that spans more than 35 years in education, with extensive experience in classroom teaching as well as educational leadership. Currently Mary works as an independent educational consultant mentoring teachers and principals as they deepen their own understanding of the Qualities of a Lifelong Learner.
Dr. Rina Vassallo
Preface: Learning that never ends: The discovery, the research, the qualities, and the passion to pass it on!
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Lifelong Learners are Tenacious
Chapter 2: Lifelong Learners are Reflective
Chapter 3: Lifelong Learners are Metacognitive
Chapter 4: Lifelong Learners are Divergent Thinkers
Chapter 5: Lifelong Learners are Self-efficacious
Chapter 6: Lifelong Learners See Learning as Valuable
Chapter 7: Lifelong Learners are Collaborative
Appendix A: Handouts and Resources for Chapter 2: Lifelong Learners are Reflective
Appendix B: Handouts and Resources for Chapter 3: Lifelong Learners are Metacognitive
Appendix C: Handouts and Resources for Chapter 4: Lifelong Learners are Divergent Thinkers
Appendix D: Handouts and Resources for Chapter 6: Lifelong Learners See Learning as Valuable
Appendix E: Handouts and Resources for Chapter 7: Lifelong Learners are Collaborative
Learning That Never Ends: Qualities of a Lifelong Learner is a must read for educators on all levels. Relying on their many years of teaching, administration, and on their own passion for learning, Margie Pearse and Mary Dunwoody provide a thoughtful and well researched guide that is designed to assist educators in guiding students to reach their full potential. Is there a more noble goal?

Joseph E. Gillespie, dean, division of education and human services, Neumann University

Margie Pearse and Mary Dunwoody epitomize “Learning That Never Ends” and this to me speaks to their consummate passion for teaching and learning. In the era of accountability and standardized testing, Pearse & Dunwoody remain faithful to their mission to teach and learn by skillfully and successfully communicating their commitment to both the art and science of education. Teachers at every level will most assuredly profit from the decades of experience and success shared here by the authors.

Maryann C. Lanchoney, MA, LDTC, Cabrini College, Interim Department Chair for Education, Radnor, PA

Having crossed several eras of what works in education over nearly 45 years of teaching and administrative experience, it is clear to me that Margie Pearse and Mary Dunwoody’s Learning that Never Ends will be one of those “must have” staples for all educators. Chapter by chapter, the writers have presented countless practical strategies to demystify the process of how to inspire students on every grade level to become continuous 21st century learners in what is now the era of the Common Core!
Monica Watson, Ed. D., Director of Elementary Curriculum and Professional Development, Southeast Delco School District, Folcroft, PA

Learning That Never Ends gives us all pause to step back, for a moment, from data points and benchmarks and refocus our efforts on the true goal of education and that is to create a society where learning is not the attainment of a cut score but rather a way of life.
Alan N. Johnson, Deputy Superintendent, Woodland Hills SD, Pittsburgh, PA

For all those students feeling the pressure to get “As” for college admission; for all those schools feeling the pressure of high stakes standardized math and reading tests; for all those parents who feel saddened to witness their young child’s joy of learning wither as they grow older, come two voices of hope for a different future, where learning returns to its original form, as an exploration, as a personal journey of enlightenment that ever ends. This is not a book of mere advocacy. It is a profoundly practical guide for nurturing a child’s spirit to learn for a lifetime, and by so doing ensuing all else will follow.
F. Joseph Merlino, president, The 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education, Conshohocken, Pa

In Learning That Never Ends, Pearse and Dunwoody have captured the essence of that which really matters in education today. As educators, our responsibility is to build better readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, artists, musicians, ... Thinkers, but also to enable our students to become productive and fulfilled individuals. This is a daunting responsibility, but Learning That Never Ends provides practical approaches that show the WHY and the HOW to that end! Educational culture today, many times misses the mark in what is important in the quest for higher test scores, Pearse and Dunwoody have returned educating the student to the forefront. I thank them for that. Your students will thank you for that, as well!
Lee Newman, Educational Consultant, South Carolina

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