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The Bound-for-College Guidebook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Applying to Colleges, Second Edition

Frank Burtnett

The Bound-for-College Guidebook, now in its second edition, addresses the high school to college transition from A to Z. The guidebook provides students and parents with the information and tools they need for effective exploration, decision-making and application for admission and financial aid. The student exercises offered throughout the book help the student create a personal college guidance portfolio and the dozens of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) address everything a student wants to ask and a few he/she didn’t think to ask. It is “must” reading before and throughout the high school-to-college navigation process. The Bound-for-College Guidebook is the perfect study guide for counselors and educators to use in conducting workshops or classes on the school-to-college transition. « less more »
R&L Education
Pages: 194Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4758-0190-3 • Hardback • September 2013 • $29.00 • (£19.95)
978-1-4758-0191-0 • Paperback • September 2015 • $20.00 • (£13.95)
978-1-4758-0192-7 • eBook • September 2013 • $28.99 • (£19.95)
Frank Burtnett is a career and college counseling veteran who writes for the individuals who are experiencing the school-to-college and education-to-career transitions. His books offer current and concise information and are packed with practical ideas about how to navigate those transitions.
List of Student Exercises
1 How Colleges Admit Students: Anatomy of an
Admission Decision

2 College Exploration: Getting Off on the Right Foot
3 A Calendar of Exploration, Decision-Making, and
Application Tasks

4 The First Step: Taking a Look at You
5 Mounting a Search: Getting Answers to Your College Questions
6 High School Course Selection: Relevance to College Admission
7 Learning about College Options: Getting the Best Information
8 Using the Internet to Explore and Apply to Colleges
9 Making the Most of the College Fair Experience
10 Campus Visits: Getting Ready to Go
11 Campus Visits: Being There and Afterward
12 Admission Plans: Modes of Admission Access
13 Degree of Difficulty: Understanding the
Admission Competition

14 Admission Tests: How they are Used and Strategies for Preparation
15 Admission Essays: Putting Forth Your Best Effort
16 Narrowing Options: Deciding Where to Apply
17 The College Application: Making It Work for You
18 Understanding College Costs
19 Types and Sources of Student Financial Aid
20 Making Financial Aid Forms Work for You
21 After the Application: What Happens Next?
22 Off to College: Getting Ready for Your Freshman Year
23 Parents and the High School-to-College Transition
24 Educational Success: How Counselors Can Help You
25 School to College: Counselors as Your Allies
26 Learning from the Experts: Reflections of Veteran Deans and Directors of Admission
27 Some Closing Words about Expectations

About the Author
A great roadmap for students considering the transition to college. Each chapter includes a list of frequently asked questions as well as personal exercises to work through, such as creating a checklist for a college visit or analyzing the admissions goals of a particular school. This title should be in every high school library and guidance office. (Previous Edition Praise)
School Library Journal

There are a number of books about the college admission process on shelves all over this country. Frank Burtnett has written one that will be on desks, open and used. I particularly like his FAQ sections and hands-on approach. Admission at its best is a developmental process, and Burtnett has captured this through the personal student exercises. (Previous Edition Praise)
R. Russell Shunk, former executive vice president and former dean of admissions of Dickinson College, Pennsylvania

In the Bound-for-College Guidebook, all the steps to finding and applying to colleges are thoroughly explored. (Previous Edition Praise)

Burtnett's concise and objective writing structure provides a realistic insight into what students can expect. This essential guide is highly recommended for all college-bound students and their parents. (Previous Edition Praise)
Library Journal, Starred Review

Frank Burtnett has created a reader-friendly guide to helping the college-bound student navigate his or her challenging journey. The information he presents, complimented by the student exercises and Frequently Asked Questions, covers the process from A to Z. (Previous Edition Praise)
William E. Cox, president and CEO of Diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine

A very useful tool for students looking for colleges. Burtnett's approach is comprehensive, but cut into good-sized pieces. (Previous Edition Praise)
Patrick J. O'Connor, director of college counseling at Roeper School, Michigan

If you are exploring college options and attempting to understand the college admissions process, there is nobody better to learn from than Frank Burtnett. As a veteran counselor the breadth of his knowledge and the depth of his experiences are unparalleled.
Jay Garant, coordinator of business and community partnerships, Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools