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Financing Schools and Educational Programs

Policy, Practice, and Politics

Al Ramirez

Al Ramirez writes on the subject of how the public schools in the United States are financed and how other funds are raised for educational programs in elementary and secondary schools. A context for public school finance is provided throughout the volume by grounding each topic in historical, policy, political, and common practice, so the work spans both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject matter. The text is written primarily for graduate students in programs for education leadership, administration, policy studies, public administration, public finance and public accounting. The content will also serve as a resource for practitioners and education policy leaders, e.g., school board members, foundation program officers, legislators, and policy analysts at the local, state and national levels.
Each chapter is structured so as to enhance the book’s value to pre-service students preparing for entry-level school administration positions as well as candidates for advanced degrees who need more research based theoretical content on school finance. The author recognizes that each state has its own unique funding approach and guides readers to state resources that supplement the books content.
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978-1-4758-0176-7 • Hardback • October 2012 • $92.00 • (£65.00)
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Dr. Al Ramirez is a professor in the department of Leadership, Research and Foundations at the University of Colorado, Colorado Spring, whose experience includes positions as a teacher, counselor, principal, central office administrator and superintendent of schools. He has also held key education policy positions in the Nevada and Illinois state departments of education and served as Chief State School Officer in Iowa.
Chapter 1 Dimensions of Education Finance
Chapter 2 Historical Perspectives on Funding
Chapter 3 Money and Learning
Chapter 4 School Finance and the Courts
Chapter 5 Equity and Adequacy
Chapter 6 State Finance Systems
Chapter 7 Alternative Funding Systems
Chapter 8 Federal Funds
Chapter 9 Employee Compensation
Chapter 10 Revenue for Schools
Chapter 11 Understanding Budgets
Chapter 12 School Facilities
Chapter 13 Securing Grant Funds
Chapter 14 Future Trends in School Finance
Dr. Ramirez provides an excellent framework for understanding school finance. More importantly, he wraps it in context. History, politics, economics, culture, environment, lawmakers, competition, and the court system all have tremendous influence on American schools and school finance. His book demonstrates the interdependent nature of society and school finance and why it can be a complicated and interesting topic of discussion.
J. Thomas Gregory, Chief Financial Officer, Academy School District 20

A brilliant, comprehensive school finance book that makes the complexities of educational policy and funding understandable for all levels of school administrators and policy makers. This textbook is focused on more than “adequacy” and “equity” and artfully asks students of school finance to evaluate the concept of “ fairness.” The depth and content of this textbook is a must for inclusion in the libraries of educational administrators and practitioners of school finance. Dr. Ramirez has written this book in a manner that promotes in-depth understanding of state funding finance formulas in relation to public policy and current research. School superintendents and business officials will find this book extremely helpful in explaining complicated state and local financial issues to their school board and community.
Dallas Strawn, retired superintendent and long time school administrator, senior instructor at the University of Colorado, and education consultant

Dr. Ramirez offers prospective school administrators as well as practicing policy makers a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical issues of public school finance in the United States. His deep experience as a school practitioner and an academic shines throughout the narrative, but most especially as he examines the future of school finance.
Ted Sanders, former university president and chief state school officer in three different states

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