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Captain's Castaway

Angeli Perrow

Based on actual events, Captain's Castaway tells of a brave seafaring dog that belongs to the captain of a sailing ship. When the vessel is wrecked in a terrible storm, panicked sailors push the dog off the lifeboat, leaving him to sink or swim. He crawls ashore on an island, where he is nursed back to life by the lighthouse-keeper's daughter Sarah. In this enhanced edition, enjoy read-along and beautiful animations that bring this story to life! « less more »
Down East Books
Pages: 314Size: 0 x 0
978-0-89272-590-8 • Paperback • January 1998 • $9.95 • (£6.95)
978-1-60893-259-7 • eBook • January 1998 • $14.99 • (£9.95)