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Baseball's Roaring Twenties

A Decade of Legends, Characters, and Diamond Adventures

Ronald T. Waldo

Following the 1919 Black Sox scandal, baseball needed men willing and able to pump life back into the game during tough times. Numerous ballplayers stepped forward and left their mark on the national pastime as it continued to thrive and grow during a decade that became known as the Roaring Twenties, a raucous, happy time period when a free-spirited nature prevailed.

In Baseball’s Roaring Twenties: A Decade of Legends, Characters, and Diamond Adventures, Ronald T. Waldo recounts the rollicking escapades surrounding a distinctive collection of players, managers, and umpires that truly personified this era of baseball history. Waldo includes a mix of unique stories and amusing tales surrounding baseball greats like Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, Rabbit Maranville, and Casey Stengel, alongside less famous diamond performers such as Duster Mails, Jay Kirke, Jimmy O’Connell, and Possum Whitted. The fans—who were every bit as important in helping the game grow during the ‘20s—are also given their due with a chapter of their own.

From the story of Heinie Mueller unceremoniously pushing his attractive cousin out of sight when he saw manager Branch Rickey approaching to the tale of minor league hurler Augie Prudhomme literally following the sarcastic directive from pilot George Stallings to burn his uniform, Baseball’s Roaring Twenties provides an entertaining perspective of baseball during this singular decade. Amusing and informative, this book will be of interest to baseball fans and historians of all generations.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 290Size: 6 1/4 x 9 3/8
978-1-4422-7425-9 • Hardback • April 2017 • $38.00 • (£24.95)
978-1-4422-7426-6 • eBook • April 2017 • $36.00 • (£24.95)
Ronald T. Waldo is a baseball historian, author, and member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). He has written several books on baseball history, including The 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates: Treachery and Triumph (2015), Honus Wagner and His Pittsburgh Pirates: Scenes from a Golden Era (2015) and Characters from the Diamond: Wild Events, Crazy Antics, and Unique Tales from Early Baseball (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016).

Chapter 1: Seedy Individuals, Black Sox, and Baseball’s Dirty Laundry
Chapter 2: The Big Bam Ushers in a New Baseball Era with Gusto
Chapter 3: Duster, Heinie, Casey, and Other Unique Major League Performers
Chapter 4: Yankees Swagger, Shanty, Tiny, Possum, and Interesting Diamond Incidents
Chapter 5: Baseball Arbiters Taking Charge and Keeping the Peace
Chapter 6: Rickey, McGraw, Mack, McCarthy, and Other Pilots Leading the Way
Chapter 7: Bush League Madness and Players Wreaking Havoc in the Minors
Chapter 8: Clowning around, Indulgence, Dissipation, and Refusing to Embrace Volstead
Chapter 9: Bad Boys, Problem Players, and Misunderstood Characters
Chapter 10: Pennant Winners, World Series Clashes, and October Champions
Chapter 11: Bugs, Cranks, and Rooters Making Their Presence Known at the Ballpark
Chapter 12: Turning the Page on Another Great Baseball Era

About the Author
One of the country’s premier baseball historians, Ronald Waldo does an amazing job bringing the game in the 1920s alive in his newest book, Baseball’sRoaringTwenties. It’s a must read for anyone who enjoys the national pastime.
David Finoli, author of The 50 Greatest Players in Pittsburgh Pirates History

Ronald T. Waldo is a preeminent baseball historian who understands how to colorfully bring ballplayers of yesteryear to life. With style, grace and historical accuracy, he captures the hearts and souls of teams and players in baseball’s Golden Age. Waldo’s knowledge of and scholarly dedication to the national pastime’s earlier origins is radiantly clear on each and every page of his books.
Clifton Blue Parker, author of Bucketfoot Al: The Baseball Life of Al Simmons

Waldo takes a scholarly approach to baseball history yet still manages to keep things lighthearted and fun. In this latest installment, he examines one of the game’s most colorful eras. Baseball’s Roaring Twenties is a lively trip back to the days when Ruth, Cobb and Hornsby roamed the base paths. Add it to your reading list today!
Jonathan Weeks, author of Mudville Madness and Baseball's Dynasties and the Players Who Built Them