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Living Well on the Road

Health and Wellness for Travelers

Linden Schaffer - Foreword by Andrew McCarthy

Stressed out? Eating badly? Skipping the gym? Sleeping with your phone rather than your partner? Experiencing brain fog and lack of focus? Then this book is for you. Linden Schaffer was an overworked, stressed out, on-the-go professional who found time to refocus, recharge, and recommit to wellness on the road. Now she is sharing her secrets, identifying the obstacles that keep you from experiencing true wellness and, with scientifically backed-data, showing how you too can learn to embrace wellness. Learn what it feels like to recommit to the things that help us feel more energized, more focused, and more mindful of those activities in which we engage.

Living Well on the Road helps readers to identify those areas of life that need recharging, and brings greater awareness to those in search of a way to find wellness, happiness, and overall well-being even as they move through their busy days. Whether on the road, in the office, or at home, any reader can find ways to dramatically improve their mental focus and physical wellness if they implement the ideas and advice found within these pages.

Living Well on the Road, readers will find:

  1. a practical real-world approach to understanding and managing your wellness
  2. a researched and scientifically investigated how-to manual that encourages a healthier way to manage your lifestyle
  3. personal accounts of how small changes can lead to major positive life changes
  4. easy to implement tactics proven to reduce stress and sick days
  5. increased productivity and creativity through refocused attention
  6. feel-good experiences that take 5-minutes and release the stress and tension of your workday from body and mind
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 232Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4422-6210-2 • Paperback • March 2017 • $18.95 • (£12.95)
978-1-4422-6211-9 • eBook • March 2017 • $17.99 • (£11.95)
Linden Schaffer is a wellness travel expert, consultant, and founder of the first wellness travel company, Pravassa. Since having founded Pravassa in 2009, Linden has been leading travelers around the world on wellness tours, which offer group and individualized itineraries for the people and companies that are looking to restore productivity and creativity. As a winner of the prestigious British Airways Face of Opportunity contest, Linden contributes to columns in The Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen, is a regular speaker at conferences around the country, and has participated in international conferences in Colombia, India, and Spain in order to bring wellness travel opportunities to these countries. When Linden is not traveling the world, she is based in New York City.
Foreword by Andrew McCarthy
Introduction: Practice Makes Perfect
A Peek at What’s Inside

America’s Current Healthcare System
Workplace Wellness
Millennials and the Future
Are You Already on the Brink of Burnout?
Interview with Tevis Trower

Counting Sheep
Nurture Your Nature
Blue Light Special
Your Bed Is Calling
Sleep Your Way to the Top
Say Goodnight, Gracie
Interview with Dr. Ana C. Krieger

Please, Don’t Take a Seat
Step Away from the Screen
Meet Me for a Sweat Sesh
Let’s Get Physical
Interview with Well+Good Founders

The Rise of Stress
The Western Origins of Zen
What Is Mindfulness, and How Do We Get Some?
Meditation Does Our Body Good
Mindfulness at Work
What Does Self-Care Have to Do with It?
Interview with Dr. Miles Neale

It’s a Concrete Jungle Out There
Hug a Tree
Fresh Air for the Soul
Reach Out and Touch Someone
Interview with Richard Louv

Food as Medicine
Do You Know the Muffin Man?
Feed Your Soul
You’re Already Sweet Enough
Eat Real Food
It Lives in Your Belly, Baby
Your Food Future
Interview with Dr. Robin Berzin

Beam Me Up, Scotty
Fight for Your Right
I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
Travel Well
Craft Your Path

I Can’t Get No
If You Build It
A Little Help from My Friends

Evaluate Your Sleep
Create a Sleep Routine
3-Minute Calming Exercise
2 Minutes to Refocus
Items for Your Grocery Cart
52-Week Wellness Implementation
Wellness Packing List
Jet Lag Killers
Wellness During a Day on the Road
Re-Integration Post-Vacation
Mini Steps to Success

About the Author
In this smart and savvy book--loaded with cutting-edge research and stress-busting tips – Linden Schaffer chronicles her transformation from workaholic to wellness advocate as she guides you on your own personal journey to wellness!
Rona Berg, Editor-in-Chief, Organic Spa Magazine

Living Well on the Road is a must-read for any wellness travel warrior who is continually on the go.
Jason Wachob, Founder & CEO, mindbodygreen and Author of WELLTH: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume

No matter who you are or where you are in your road to wellness, Living Well on the Road will inspire you to take action as soon as you start reading it. From leaders of corporations, to people starting a career, to students, to full-time parents... we will all benefit from this knowledgeable, well-researched and inspiring read.
Alexandra Bonetti, founder of Bari Studio

When it comes to the newest thinking, research and tips for living a healthier, happier life, Schaffer totally gets it. If you read one chapter of this book you'll feel better – if you read the entire book, your whole life will change.
Dina Kaplan, founder of The Path

As someone who’s job it is to keep her clients’ mind and body healthy through diet, it is a breath of fresh air to read a book that gives one the tools needed to maintain that healthful headspace while traveling. Living Well on the Road is a gem in its ability to teach us that health and wellness are truly achievable no matter where we may lay our head each night. Linden Schaffer has done an incredible job of providing the reader with tangible statistics that greatly reinforce the ‘Call Out’ tips, making the book an easy to use guide for living well.
Melissa Petitto, R.D., Chef and Author of 30-Minute Paleo Meals

Living Well on the Road is what we all need to understand how to take back our lives, and put it on a healthier and happier path. I have experienced being “well on the road” courtesy of Linden. Her advice and approach has made my wellness travel experiences more impactful and lasting. But she’s right. It’s up to you to want to do this. Her book is an important first step in that process.
Carol Massar, Bloomberg TV/Radio Anchor

Most books on health and wellness tackle a single element: some trendy new diet or fitness craze. But Linden Schaffer’s Living Well on the Road offers a much-needed, much healthier antidote: a completely holistic approach (and a very fun and approachable one) to driving more wellness into virtually every aspect of your life – from getting better sleep, eating more sensibly, getting moving, being more mindful, and injecting more health into every hour of your life, whether at work or on the road for business. This is a sane, 365-degree roadmap to getting on a healthier path, filled with easy tips, tools, expert advice and the medical evidence to make practical change. After four decades in the world of spa and wellness, like Linden, I have firmly come to realize that the answer to leading a more fulfilling, healthier life is not just one thing – but so many things.

Schaffer writes with clarity, and her many years in the industry show that she truly understands what she is advocating. This is a fantastic book for anyone living a stressed out, digitally addicted life, that can’t make healthier eating, sleeping and exercising a reality.
Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO , Global Wellness Institute, Global Wellness Summit

Interviews with today’s leading experts in the fields of psychology, stress management, and integrative health—people on the forefront of creating wellness programs that have proven impact on personal health and wellness: Dr. Robin Berzin, Dr. Ana C. Krieger, Richard Louv, Dr. Miles Neale, and Tevis Trower.

Features 11 wellness checklists that will help you skip the trial-and-error phase of creating a new lifestyle routine and get you straight to better health: Evaluate Your Sleep; Create a Sleep Routine; 3-Minute Calming Exercise; 2 Minutes to Refocus; Items for Your Grocery Cart; 52-Week Wellness Implementation; Wellness Packing List; Jet Lag Killers; Wellness During a Day on the Road; Re-Integration Post-Vacation; and Mini Steps to Success.