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Defense Modernization Plans through the 2020s

Addressing the Bow Wave

Todd Harrison

This report details the plans for major U.S. Defense Department acquisition programs over the next 15 years and explores the complicating factors that may make the situation more problematic for policymakers. It analyzes a range of options to mitigate the bow wave, including increasing the budget, cutting additional force structure, and making trades among major acquisition programs. The report finds that while none of the choices available are easy, it provides an opportunity for the new administration taking office in 2017 to better align modernization plans with defense strategy. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Center for Strategic & International Studies
Pages: 40Size: 8 1/2 x 11
978-1-4422-5914-0 • Paperback • March 2016 • $40.00 • (£24.95)
978-1-4422-5915-7 • eBook • March 2016 • $38.00 • (£24.95)
Series: CSIS Reports
Todd Harrison is director of defense budget analysis and a senior fellow in the International Security Program at CSIS.