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How to Succeed in Therapy

Navigating the Pitfalls on the Path to Wellness

Jared Scherz

Seeking therapy is among the most important mental health decisions a person will make and, yet, many clients are poorly prepared for what lays ahead. Here, Jared Scherz outlines the process for seeking therapy, from finding the right therapist and approach, to navigating the insurance and billing systems available. He details the most common pitfalls clients and their therapists face once therapy has commenced, and guides readers to avoiding those mistakes that can sabotage counseling.

Whether considering therapy for the first time or evaluating current help, this is the perfect companion to personal growth. Different from other books, insight is offered into types of therapy, such as group, marriage, or individual counseling, as well as theoretic orientations to help readers understand therapeutic approaches from the point of view of the provider. Scherz encourages a greater sense of personal responsibility and empowerment to navigate the healing and wholeness paths. Alternative health practices are also outlined to help people who wish to take a more holistic approach to wellness, both mental and physical. Readers will feel empowered by this book to take the first steps necessary to get the help they need, to continue along a path already chosen, or to take a different approach when one is not already working.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 246Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
978-1-4422-4134-3 • Hardback • January 2015 • $34.00 • (£23.95)
978-1-4422-4135-0 • eBook • January 2015 • $32.00 • (£22.95)
Jared Scherz, Ph.D., has been working for the last 20 years as a clinical psychologist, serving in various roles from psychotherapist, educational consultant, author, and technology entrepreneur. In 2001, Scherz created the first wholeness center in New Jersey, called Integrated Therapy Center (ITC). The vision for ITC is to provide individuals with a wide range of holistic services such as yoga, nutrition, massage, psycho-education, and physical conditioning to help in transforming the body, mind, and spirit. Scherz is the author of five books in the field of education: Harnessing the Power of Resistance, The Truth about School Violence, Catastrophic School Violence: A new approach to prevention, Workbook on Catastrophic School Violence, and It Can’t Happen Here: One School Learns from Tragedy. He runs a social media networking site called ufeud (www.ufeud.com) where people are helped to navigate differences more productively. His work on this technology tool involves the development of an early warning violence detection and prevention system for schools, called the PVI (Potential for Violence Index). Scherz is also the creator of PsychPro (www.psychpro.com) a learning management software where helping professionals use a multimedia platform to enhance their practice. His next project currently under way, is TxHelper (www.txhelper.com) where providers of health care are brought together with those seeking help, in an online library of video courses to improve our health. Scherz is also the founder of TeacherCoach (www.teachercoach.com) a site dedicated to improving the lives of educators.
About the Author
Using This Book
1: What is (Psycho) Therapy?
2: How Does Therapy Work?
3: Why Do People Go to Therapy?
4: Selecting the Right Therapist For You
5: Theoretical Orientation
6: Understanding Managed Care and Health Insurance
7: Insurance Versus Self-Pay
8: Before I Begin
9: The First Few Sessions
10: Therapy Concentration Areas
11: A Holistic Approach to Wellness
12:Alternative Healthcare Practices
13: Other Considerations
How to Succeed in Therapy is the most current, practical and easy-to-read book for anyone wanting to know more about being involved in therapy. There is no doubt that this book can help you understand the complex systems, processes, and nuances of the things to know as you consider therapy for the way to improve your life. If you want to achieve your therapy goals, start by reading How To Succeed in Therapy and get ready for the best that you can be!
Dr. Daniel J. Reidenberg, Psy.D., BCPC, FAPA, DAPA, CRS, CMT, CPAI, Executive Director – Suicide Awareness Voices of Education; Chair, American Psychotherapy Association