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From the Marine Corps to College

Transitioning from the Service to Higher Education

Jillian Ventrone

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have taken a harsh toll on our military’s population. Some service members come back from combat ready for a change of pace, others get caught up in the draw down currently occurring within the services. Many of these service members decide to pursue higher education. Veterans’ education benefits are a source of much discussion, but often hard to decipher. From the Marine Corps to College: Transitioning from the Service to Higher Education aims to simplify this process. Designed to help Marines navigate the world of higher education and their available state and federal benefits, this accessible guide will better prepare veterans for tackling their new mission: college. From the Marine Corps to College can be read as a book from cover-to-cover, or as a reference manual section-by-section. The easy to follow format will assist Marines in furthering their educational goals. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 224Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
978-1-4422-3720-9 • Hardback • October 2014 • $37.00 • (£24.95)
978-1-4422-3721-6 • eBook • October 2014 • $35.00 • (£23.95)
Jillian Ventrone is a higher education counselor for service members aboard a federal installation, working with Service members and their families to help them transition to education or to other professions. She is the go-to expert for professional advice for Marines, sailors, and dependents who want to successfully transition into higher education. She writes for the base Education Newsletter monthly and has an article published in the Service members Opportunity Colleges Consortium publication.
7-Prior Learning Credit
8-Standardized Admissions Tests
9-Free Subject Matter Study Resources
10-Troops to Teachers
11-Apprenticeships/On-The-Job Training
12- Army and Navy COOL
13-VA Programs
14-Random Service Member and Spousal Based Programs/Organizations
Ventrone suggests that even the bravest marines can be intimidated at the thought of enrolling in college and here assists them in navigating the complexities of veterans administration (VA) educational benefits. As an educational counselor working with marines, the author is knowledgeable about her topic. She explains how to choose a program of study, how to prepare an admission packet, and how to make the most of VA benefits. Discussed is the pursuit of higher education both while on active duty and after separating from the service. Ventrone’s explanations of various federal and state benefit programs are comprehensive and thorough. . . . VERDICT: [T]his title will appeal to marines and [will] do well in libraries serving this population.
Library Journal

The Marine Corps places a large emphasis on "sustaining the transformation" as a Marine transitions from initial training at Boot Camp to follow on Military Occupation Specialty training and ultimately to the Fleet Marine Force. We can't forget about the transition back to civilian life after our Marines selflessly answered the Nation's call. Jill's book highlights the crucial steps of an important piece of this transition by providing an informative, accurate, and consolidated resource for Marines interested in seeking a higher education. Having capitalized on the benefits of the Post 9/11 GI Bill and underwent the laborious process of searching and applying for schools twice, I can honestly say that I wish I had this book to guide me.
Jason C. Fraser, USMC

From Marine Corps to College is a must read for every Marine! As a Marine enlisted, then Officer and now a College Professor who continues to teach our veterans and their families how to master adult learning, this book is the A-Z way to get in. Jillian has mastered the art of simplicity and taken the fear out of transition. If you are transitioning or just want to pursue your degree her navigation tips are clear, concise, and effective.
Vincent Kyzer, professor, Park University; Marine Gunner

This book is not only comprehensive, addressing both the technical aspects of higher education and the benefits available, it also breaks down complex information into digestible pieces that will ensure success. This should be a required text for all Marines looking to be successful in higher education. Jillian Ventrone is an expert in the resources and benefits needed for Marines to be successful in higher education.
Kolin Williams, M.S., VETS Counselor; Associate Professor, Boots-to-Books, at Saddleback College; Advisor, Saddleback Veterans Club; Secretary of Membership, Region 8 Veterans Program Directors Consortium

Overall a great resource. A simple, repeatable blue print to help our transitioning Marines and their spouses make informed educational decisions. It is helpful to almost Marines of all ranks at any stage in their career. This book is a great index of what is available as well as what is possible.
Robert Oltman, USMC (Retired)

From the Marine Corps to College is a well-organized, easy to read, and comprehensive guide for Marines of all grades who are looking to advance their education - whether two-year college, university, or vocational. This is a "one-stop" resource I would enthusiastically recommend to read and reference. There are hundreds of untapped organizations listed in this book, organizations that are ready and eager to assist Marines functionally and financially.
Stefan Bien, Commanding Officer, School of Infantry-West

An easy read that helps break down and simplify the college process. It addresses a lot of questions that our men and women may not think to ask during their transition and makes sense of it all, which in turn ease's a lot of the stress involved in taking that step toward higher learning.
Sergeant Major Ryan Hermance, USMC

This book belongs in every Marines’ bookshelf, and it is definitely a resource that every Non-Commissioned, Staff Non-Commissioned Officer, and Officer should use to help guide our young Marines through the pitfalls of poor decision making when it comes to their education. Many Marines want to further their education, but don’t know how; this book will fulfill that lack in knowledge, bridge that gap, and put our Marines on the path to higher education.
Michael Musselman, Marine Gunner

Jillian Ventrone is an expert in the transition and reintegration process of United State military service members. Her insights gained from years of direct professional experience and the tangible reality of her family ties in the Marine Corps, make her the ideal guide to any discharging serviceman. This text will guide you through the scary world of the biggest change in your life and prepare you for success as a civilian. As you blaze your own trail in the next chapter of your journey, I recommend you heed her advice.
Terence C. Nelson, M.Ed. M.S., Dean of Transfer, Career, and Special Programs; VETS Director- Saddleback College