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Getting America Back to Great

Kim R. Holmes - Foreword by Michael Novak

There is a huge concern in America today that the country is in decline, one of the few sentiments that – nationally – our increasingly polarized political leaders can agree on. Americans fear that the economy and our culture itself are in deep crisis. They are also frustrated that the ruling classes are unable to fix America’s problems. Kim R. Holmes’ Rebound taps into these concerns, taking a fresh look at how America has moved away from the principles and practices that once made it the world’s greatest nation. Far from accepting America’s inevitable decline, as so many today do, Holmes argues that decline is a choice, not an inevitability or destiny. To restore our culture, revitalize our economy, and ensure we return to being the world’s number one power, America must reconnect with its historical DNA: the ingredients of its greatness. This book lays out the vision and roadmap for how America can bounce back, with examples from throughout our nation’s history that prove we’ve always been able to meet the challenges facing us, no matter how largely they may loom. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 264Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
978-1-4422-2380-6 • Hardback • November 2013 • $27.00 • (£17.95)
978-1-4422-2381-3 • eBook • November 2013 • $26.99 • (£17.95)
Kim R. Holmes, a Distinguished Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, oversaw the think tank’s defense and foreign policy team for more than two decades. He is one of Washington’s foremost foreign and defense policy experts, and served as assistant secretary of state under George W. Bush.
Kim R. Holmes makes a compelling case that what has long been best in the American spirit still burns bright today. Contrary to the pessimists, Holmes argues that America's greatest days remain ahead - if we build on the values and freedoms that have made us great.
Arthur C. Brooks, President, American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Courageously 'politically incorrect,' Holmes shows how and why a cultural decline has harmed our country and how 'we the people' can restore America to greatness. Holmes diagnosis and prescriptions couldn't be more timely.
Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-In-Chief, Forbes, Inc.

Kim Holmes has performed a masterful job of showing what made America great, what went wrong, and how we can get back on the right track to ordered liberty. The key is understanding the connections between morality and freedom, civil society and limited government, culture and the Constitution, American ideals and institutions.
Robert P. George, Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School; McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

In his superbly written history of American greatness, Kim Holmes reminds us that with all our flaws and weaknesses, the United States remains a nation of strength, decency, and honor - because brave men and women have willed it so. This book engages the mind and inspires the soul.
Paul McHale, President, Civil Support International LLC; former Assistant Secretary of Defense; Retired Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

Our character, values, and founding principles once made America the envy of the world. As Kim Holmes brilliantly argues, that can be the winning formula again.
Cal Thomas

From the foreword: This is one of those books that helps to keep the moral light burning in the dark. Argue with it, disagree with it, do better than it. (If you can.) But face the questions for our souls that it sets flickering in the uneasy, restless camps throughout the land.
Michael Novak, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, 1994 Templeton laureate

Refreshing . . . Rebound compiles an impressive list of the policies and institutions that allowed America’s political, social, and economic experience to prosper from the start.
The Weekly Standard