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Cognitive Coaching

Developing Self-Directed Leaders and Learners, 3rd Edition

Arthur L. Costa and Robert J. Garmston - With Carolee Hayes and Jane Ellison

In this greatly expanded and extensively updated edition of a widely popular resource you see how teachers' individual and collective capacities for continuing self-improvement are strengthened over time through Cognitive Coaching. You gain essential skills, protocols, guidance, research and resources to use when implementing Cognitive Coaching principles and values in your own school setting.

Working toward the goals of making school better places where more students succeed and satisfaction in learning and teaching prevail, Costa and Garmston let you know about their own learning, and how new research and practice can support individuals and schools in reaching higher, more satisfying, and more holistic performance. Organized into four sections, the book clearly and effectively presents these concepts: the meanings of cognitive coaching; the basics of teaching excellence; strategies and tactics for engaging in coaching; and how to integrate Cognitive Coaching throughout the system.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 408Size: 7 1/4 x 10 1/4
978-1-4422-2365-3 • Hardback • August 2015 • $68.00 • (£47.95)
978-1-4422-2366-0 • eBook • August 2015 • $64.00 • (£42.95)
Art Costa is a Professor of Education, Emeritus, from California State University, Sacramento, where he taught graduate courses to teachers and administrators in curriculum, supervision, and the improvement of instruction. He is the author of The Enabling Behaviors, Teaching for Intelligent Behaviors and Supervision for Intelligent Teaching; and is co-author of Cognitive Coaching and Techniques for Teaching Thinking. He has written numerous other articles and publications on supervision, teaching strategies and thinking skills. Dr. Costa has made presentations and conducted workshops for educators throughout the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific. He taught in the Bellflower School District, worked as a curriculum consultant in the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools Office, and was Assistant Superintendent of the Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools office. Active in many professional organizations, Dr. Costa has served as president of the California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and as president of the national A.S.C.D. from 1988 to 1989. Art can be reached by e-mail at artcosta@aol.com.

Robert J. Garmston, EdD, presents to educators and managers throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. Emeritus Professor of Educational Administration at California State University, Sacramento, Bob has previously been a classroom teacher, principal, director of instruction and acting superintendent. Co-Developer of Cognitive Coaching with Dr. Arthur Costa and co-founder of the Center for Adaptive Schools with Bruce Wellman, www.thinkingcollaborative.com, his work has been translated into Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish. He is director of Facilitation Associates, a consulting firm specializing in leadership, learning, personal and organizational development. Bob lives near Sacramento, California with his wife Sue and close to his five adult children, and grandchildren, who are, of course, cute and bright.
They’ve done it again! Art Costa and Bob Garmston have provided an update on their seminal work in cognitive coaching, updating it in response to the culture of professional accountability and rigorous student learning standards. I appreciate particularly their application of coaching techniques to “calibrating conversations,” to help teachers internalize standards of practice, incorporating teachers’ own self-assessment into reflective conversations. This enables teachers themselves to drive the aspiration towards higher levels of teaching practice. The third edition, like its predecessors, is a major contribution to the field.
Charlotte Danielson, The Danielson Group

Just when I thought I knew something about coaching, I read this book and my knowledge and my work was enlightened! Art and Bob are masterful coaches and, in this book they offer great clarity about the why, what, and how of coaching practices. The book combines the practical with the theoretical in an easy to read manner. I look forward to facilitating a book study on this one. It should foster new meanings for leaders in our schools.
Bena Kallick, co-founder and co-director, Institute for Habits of Mind

Bob and Art are national treasures for public education and their latest work will not disappoint. If improving the performance of individuals and school systems is your goal, then the protocols and resources in this book are essential for working with adult learners. A foundational resource for working with teachers, principals, and school district-level leaders must be the 3rd edition of Cognitive Coaching: Developing Self-Directed Leaders and Learners by Costa and Garmston!
Gary Whiteley, EdD, director, The Alaska Administrator Coaching Project