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Smarter Crime Control

A Guide to a Safer Future for Citizens, Communities, and Politicians

Irvin Waller

The U.S. is the world´s biggest jailor and one of the most affluent murderous countries, and yet its citizens pay more taxes to sustain law and order than their European counterparts. Yet, the U.S. has the most data in the world on the use of incarceration and its failure. Its researchers have identified more projects able to prevent violence than the rest of the world put together. Its legislators have access to pioneering data banks on cost effective ways to use taxes to reduce crime. We are left wondering why we cannot implement measures that we know will work, reduce crime, and cost less for law and order.

Smarter Crime Control shows how to use recent knowledge and best practices to reduce the extraordinarily high rates of murder, traffic fatalities, drug overdoses, and incarceration, while avoiding the high taxes paid by families for policing and prisons. Providing detailed examples, Irvin Waller offers specific actions our leaders at all levels can take to reduce violence and lower costs to taxpayers. He focuses on how to retool policing and improve corrections to reduce reoffending and crime, while limiting criminal courts. He also shows how programs and investments in various strategies can help those youth on the path to chronic offending avoid the path all together.

Waller shows how to get smart on crime to shift the criminal justice paradigm from the failing, outdated, racially biased, and exorbitant complex today to an effective, modern, fair and lean system for safer communities that spares so many victims from the loss and pain of preventable violence. He makes a compelling case for reinvesting what is currently misspent on reacting to crime into smart ways to prevent crime. Ultimately, he demonstrates to readers the importance of reevaluating our current system and putting into place proven strategies for crime and violence prevention that will keep people out of jail and make our streets and communities safer for everyone.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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978-1-4422-2169-7 • Hardback • December 2013 • $45.00 • (£29.95)
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Irvin Waller is internationally renowned for helping policy makers use the best evidence to make communities safer from crime. He is a passionate speaker, Professor of Criminology, and President of the International Organization for Victim Assistance (in consultative status with ECOSOC). He has advised the governments of more than 50 countries in both the advanced and developing world. The government of Mexico recently recognized his significant contributions to violence prevention and victim rights in Latin America. He was a member of the National Criminal Justice Commission in the US (1996), the South African Minister of Safety and Security’s Task Force (in the Mandela government) on Safety and Security (1997) and the Council of Canadian Academies Panel on Policing Canada in the 21st Century (2013). From 1980 to 1986, he was elected to the Board of the US National Organization for Victim Assistance. In 1982, he began persuading non-governmental organizations and governments around the world to support the Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power, which was adopted only three years later by the General Assembly of the UN with the active support of the US. He won awards in the USA and internationally for this achievement, The Declaration has become known as the magna carta for victim rights. In the 1990´s, he won recognition from several advanced nations for his work to get investment in the prevention of violence, as the founding executive director of the International Centre for Prevention of Crime, affiliated with the UN. Waller lectures in English, French, and Spanish and is a prolific writer whose works are translated into many languages. He is the author of a trilogy of influential books that are shaping the world, including Less Law, More Order and Rights for Victims of Crimes. Smarter Crime Control. www.irvinwaller.org
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Smart Public Safety: Giving Priority to Victims and Taxpayers

Part I: Actions for Smart Crime Control
Policing: From Over-Reaction After the Fact to Stopping Crime Before it Harms
Justice: Courts that Stop Crime or Do Not Unnecessarily Interfere
Correcting Corrections: Away from Mass Incarceration and towards Stopping Crime

Part II: Actions for Smart Pre-Crime Prevention
Preventing Youth from Becoming Repeat Offenders
Preventing Gun Violence
Preventing Violence Against Women
Preventing Road Crimes and Alcohol-related Violence
Preventing Property Crime

Part III: An Agenda to Put Safety First for Victims and Taxpayers
Reinvesting in Smart Public Safety to Spare Victims and Lower Taxes

Principal Sources
Waller does a good job distinguishing between crime control and prevention, and he does a GREAT job of laying out an agenda for action.
John L. Worrall, professor of criminology, University of Texas at Dallas

Packed with compelling statistics and striking depth of analysis, Smarter Crime Control urges the United States, which locks up 25% of the world's prisoners, to serve as the leader in community safety. If heeded by policy makers on the local, state and national levels, lives will be saved, trauma reduced, violence-plagued communities restored and money saved.
John A. Calhoun, Speaker, past President of the National Crime Prevention Council and Senior Consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice and to the National League of Cities

Irvin Waller is one of the few criminologists who use academic research to underpin the development of crime reduction policies at national and local government levels. The polices that Professor Waller advocates are designed to reduce victimization, re-offending and the use of prison and thus save tax payers’ money. Add in Professor’s Waller life-long personal commitment and passion to the cause of transforming justice and the ways we tackle crime and disorder, Smarter Crime Control is essential reading for national and local politicians, opinion formers as well for all working to reduce crime and create safer communities. We have much to learn from Irvin Waller’s wise words.
Nigel Whiskin, M.B.E., Director of Business Development, Restorative Solutions and formerly Chief Executive of Crime Concern, UK. Chairman´s Life Awardee, British Security Industry Association

Professor Waller captures the imagination in this timely book. It focuses on what policy makers can do to make us safe – an achievable goal basic to victims of crime. It develops actionable proposals from a wealth of hard data and science. It is highly recommended for the general public and should be mandatory reading for our politicians as well as students and practitioners in criminal justice.
Marlene Young, Winner of the Presidential Award for Service to Victims of Crime and Co-Founder of Justice Solutions, National Center for Victims of Crime and the National Victim Assistance Academy

There are too many victims of violence because of too many repressive policies that too often have failed. At last, this book´s careful analysis provides us all with multiple actions that will prevent violence and so protect our cities, especially young people and women. It shows how our leaders can reinvest our taxes from ineffective repression to effective prevention without additional cost. It is the indispensable guide to a new way of doing business - stopping violence before it happens - the most important right for crime victims. What could be more timely.
Claudio Stampalija, professor, Faculty of Law and Founding Director of the Centro de Estudios para la Prevención del Delito (CEPREDE), University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires; adviser on Criminal Justice to the House of Representatives of Argentina; commentator in the media on crime and justice issues in Latin America

For the first time, a readable book brings together a compelling analysis of the cost-effectiveness of ways to tackle the risk factors that lead to crime. Smarter Crime Control makes it inescapable that policing and prevention for the 21st century must be balanced and aligned towards the desired outcomes that are based in evidence. This book shows that community safety is much bigger than policing and will need the collaboration of many to have the best possible impact. Taking lessons from business, the new community safety must focus on consistent results, respecting our values and avoiding waste. This is mandatory reading for all that have a role in reducing victimization and keeping communities safe.
Dale McFee, Deputy Minister of Corrections and Policing, Government of Saskatchewan, Canada and Immediate Past President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

Irvin Waller, author of Smarter Crime Control: A Guide to a Safer Future for Citizens, Communities, and Politicians, maintains a website at http://irvinwaller.org/