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The Philosophy of Sex

Sixth Edition

Nicholas Power; Raja Halwani and Alan Soble

Featuring twenty-nine essays, thirteen of which are new to this edition, this best-selling volume examines the nature, morality, and social meanings of contemporary sexual phenomena. Topics include sexual desire, masturbation, sex on the Internet, homosexuality, transgender and transsexual issues, marriage, consent, exploitation, objectification, rape, pornography, promiscuity, and prostitution.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 630Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4422-1671-6 • Paperback • October 2012 • $69.00 • (£47.95)
Nicholas Power is associate professor of philosophy at the University of West Florida. Raja Halwani is professor of philosophy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Alan Soble is emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of New Orleans and teaches at Drexel University.
Chapter 1: Introduction: Alan Soble, The Analytic Categories of the Philosophy of Sex
Part I: Analysis and Perversion
Chapter 2: Greta Christina, Are We Having Sex Now or What?
Chapter 3: Thomas Nagel, Sexual Perversion
Chapter 4: Janice Moulton, Sexual Behavior: Another Position
Chapter 5: Alan Goldman, Plain Sex
Chapter 6: Alan Soble, On Jacking Off, Yet Again
Chapter 7: Seiriol Morgan, Sex in the Head
Chapter 8: John Portmann, Chatting is Not Cheating
Part II: Queer Issues
Chapter 9: Stanley Kurtz, Beyond Gay Marriage: The Road to Polyamory
Chapter 10: Cheshire Calhoun, In Defense of Same-Sex Marriage
Chapter 11: Claudia Card, Gay Divorce: Thoughts on the Legal Regulation of Marriage
Chapter 12: William S. Wilkerson, What Is "Sexual Orientation"?
Chapter 13: Kayley Vernallis, Bisexual Marriage
Chapter 14: Talia Mae Bettcher, Trans Women and the Meaning of “Woman”
Chapter 15: Christine Overall, Trans Persons, Cisgender Persons, and Gender Identities
Part III: Objectification and Consent – The Theory
Chapter 16: Thomas A. Mappes, Sexual Morality and the Concept of Using Another Person
Chapter 17: Howard Klepper, Sexual Exploitation and the Value of Persons
Chapter 18: Alan Soble, Sexual Use
Chapter 19: Ann J. Cahill, Why "Derivatization" Is Better Than "Objectification"
Chapter 20: Alan Wertheimer, Consent and Sexual Relations
Chapter 21: Robin West, The Harms of Consensual Sex
Chapter 22: David Benatar, Two Views of Sexual Ethics: Promiscuity, Pedophilia, and Rape
Part IV: Objectification and Consent – Applied Topics
Chapter 23: Martha C. Nussbaum, “Whether from Reason or Prejudice": Taking Money for Bodily Services
Chapter 24: Raja Halwani, On Fucking Around
Chapter 25: Lois Pineau, Date Rape: A Feminist Analysis
Chapter 26: H. E. Baber, How Bad Is Rape?—II
Chapter 27: Susan J. Brison, Surviving Sexual Violence
Chapter 28: Joan Mason-Grant, Pornography as Embodied Practice
Chapter 29: Nicholas Power, Cheap Thrills: A Call for More Pornography
A Bibliography of the Philosophy of Sex
About the Editors
A tremendous, up to date, well-organized, varied and comprehensive collection of the very best philosophical writing about sex–an invaluable resource for those working in this rich and important area of applied philosophy
David Archard, Queen's University, Belfast

This sixth edition of The Philosophy of Sex is a welcome change and is certainly the obvious choice for use in undergraduate courses on the topic. It will also be interesting to other readers with some background in philosophy, who are intrigued by what philosophers have to say about sex...The philosophy of sex is obviously one of the main growth areas in philosophy in terms of popularity, and this collection continues to show that it is also an area in which thoughtful and challenging philosophy is being done.
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