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Terrorism in Northern Ireland

Alfred McClung Lee

Is social violence learned? By whom? When? Is it characteristic of certain groups, in certain social strata? Under what conditions? What are its personal and social costs? What do people expect to gain from it? What does it actually accomplish? When the long-lasting and unhealing sores that violence leaves are so counterproductive, why do people resort to it rather than to more peaceful alternatives? The civil conflict in Northern Ireland since 1968 presents opportunities as a locale in which to probe for more light on these significant questions. The area is small. The participants are highly literate and vocal. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 264Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
978-0-930390-51-8 • Hardback • January 1983 • $61.00 • (£42.95)
Chapter 1 Acknowledgements
Chapter 2 Preface
Chapter 3 Introduction: Ways of Looking at Terrorism and Revolt
Chapter 4 Interethnic Conflict in the British Isles
Chapter 5 The Stuff of History
Chapter 6 Human Rights in the Orange Statelet
Chapter 7 Revolt Renewed
Chapter 8 Learning to Be Violent
Chapter 9 Terror in Upper-Class Strategy
Chapter 10 Terror in Middle- and Lower-Class Strategies
Chapter 11 Terror as Theater
Chapter 12 Quests for Peace
Chapter 13 Is There No End To It All?
Chapter 14 Index
Lee does a professional job in his new book, Terrorism in Northern Ireland.
Pittsburgh Catholic

Lee argues that in Northern Ireland the pattern of terrorism, by authorities as well as insurgents, reflects class orientations.

Lee has done a great service to the cause of peace. A must for all concerned.
Irish Literary Supplement

I am very favorably impressed by its clear and revealing treatment of a very complex and puzzling episode in our contemporary world. The result is a scholarly work that not only gives an excellent treatment of the North Ireland happenings but also contributes a significant theoretical understanding of the general nature of terrorism.
Herbert Blumer, University of California, Berkeley

The author has done a great service to the cause of peace—dynamic and continuing peace—in Northern Ireland, and his book is must reading for all concerned with a permanent resolution of the chronic conflict in that tragic country.
Afif I. Tannous, Board of Directors, International Center for Dynamics of Development

An excellent book for the student of the Northern Ireland tragedy.
Best Sellers

I was fully convinced that the author measured up to his declared stand and purpose, as well as to his scholarly reputation as a humanistic sociologist.
The Churchman

The analytical lens through which the facts are filtered makes for some startling interpretations.
West European Politics

Lee introduces his excellent study, Terrorism in Northern Ireland.
American Anthropologist

Lee's excellent book is an antidote to this kind of preeemptive censorship.
The Irish Edition

In this carefully-written book, Lee's scapel bares the fact that terrorism is not the exculsive tissue of any one cultural group in Ireland.

With the help of this book's analysis, a clearer understanding of non-violent strategy which takes on terrorism at all levels can be constructed.
Peace By Peace