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Religious Movements, Militancy, and Conflict in South Asia

Cases from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan

Joy Aoun; Liora Danan and Sadika Hameed

Religious Movements, Militancy, and Conflict in South Asia we draws on recent research on religion and conflict to offer a broad overview of the different roles religion has played in governance, politics, and conflicts in South Asia. The authors argue that it is important that policy officials pay specific attention to the role of religion in conflict settings. It is not safe to assume that religiously themed rhetoric represents the true motives of conflict actors or the true beliefs of local communities. But nor is it safe to assume that religion, and especially religious identity, does not contribute to conflict—or that it could not contribute to peace. Religion needs to be understood in context. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Center for Strategic & International Studies
Pages: 32Size: 8 1/2 x 11
978-0-89206-738-1 • Paperback • July 2012 • $32.00 • (£22.95) - Currently out of stock. Copies will arrive soon.
Series: CSIS Reports
The authors are research associates with the Program on Crisis, Conflict, and Cooperation at CSIS.