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The Young Eagle The Rise of Abraham Lincoln
978-0-87833-255-7 • Hardback
April 2001 • $28.95 • (£17.95)
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978-1-4617-3436-9 • eBook
April 2001 • $27.99 • (£16.95)

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Pages: 400
Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/4
By Kenneth J. Winkle
History | United States / General
Taylor Trade Publishing
Drawing on the latest interpretive and methodological advances in historical scholarship, The Young Eagle: The Rise of Abraham Lincoln reexamines the young adult life of America's sixteenth president.
Kenneth J. Winkle's The Young Eagle: The Rise of Abraham Lincoln represents a pioneering and innovative attempt to place the pre-presidential Lincoln in the broad social and political context of his time. On the whole, it is an illuminating, useful contribution to the field of Lincoln studies for which all students of the life of the 16th president will be grateful.
Civil War Book Review

Rather than providing an homage to the Lincoln legend, Kenneth J. Winkle has opened a window into the past, offering fresh insights and new understandings into Lincoln's early life.
Stephen Hansen,; Journal of American History