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Children of Incarcerated Parents

A Handbook for Researchers and Practitioners

Julie Poehlmann and J. Mark Eddy

For the nearly 2 million children in the United States whose parents are in prison, caretaking necessary for optimal development is disrupted. These vulnerable youth—a population that has shot up 80 percent in the last 20 years—are more likely to experience learning difficulties, poor health, and substance abuse, and eventually be incarcerated themselves. Addressing the needs of children with imprisoned parents is urgent from corrections, child welfare, health care, and education perspectives. Children of Incarcerated Parents integrates a diverse literature, pulling together rigorous scholarship from criminology, sociology, law, psychiatry, social work, nursing, psychology, human development, and family studies. Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers will find in this volume here new directions for research and policies that will improve these children's life chances. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Urban Institute
Pages: 364
978-0-87766-768-1 • Paperback • November 2010 • $31.00 • (£21.95)