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Friends and Citizens

Essays in Honor of Wilson Carey McWilliams

Edited by Peter Dennis Bathory and Nancy L. Schwartz - Contributions by Peter Dennis Bathory; Patrick J. Deneen; Joseph Romance; Thomas L. Pangle; Jean M. Yarbrough; Marc Landy; Tracy B. Strong; Norman Jacobson; Bob Pepperman Taylor; Dennis Hale; Sidney M. Milkis; Gerald M. Pomper; Mac McCorkle; David E. Price; Edward A. Schwartz and Harvey C. Mansfield

The prominent contributors in Friends and Citizens examine the relationship between friendship and politics in American thought and contend that democratic politics is incomplete without citizen friendship, and, similarly, friends need political life to provide a framework for virtue. This volume honors Wilson Carey McWilliams, a leading teacher and scholar of our time. Fourteen essays, by teachers, colleagues and students, pay tribute to him as friend and citizen, and seek to share their understanding of McWilliams's thinking through their own analyses of American political life. Friends and Citizens is rich in the humor, insights, heritage, despair and hope that characterize the work of Carey McWilliams and his unique vision of America's political promise. This is an important book for anyone interested in modern politics. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 320Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
978-0-8476-9746-5 • Hardback • December 2000 • $83.00 • (£54.95)
Nancy L. Schwartz is professor of government at Wesleyan University. Peter Dennis Bathory is professor of political science at Rutgers University.
Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Introduction: What Wilson Carey McWilliams Saw in America
Part 3 First Things: The Problem of Human Pride
Chapter 4 Political Philosophy's Response to the Challenge of Creation
Part 5 Friendship and Fraternity: Overcoming Pride
Chapter 6 Friendship and Politics: Ancient and American
Chapter 7 Politics and Friendship in the Adams-Jefferson Correspondence
Chapter 8 Politics and Friendship: Martin Van Buren and Andrew Jackson
Chapter 9 Seeing Differently and Seeing Further: Rousseau and Tocqueville
Chapter 10 "Damn Your Eyes!" Thoreau on (Male) Friendship in America
Chapter 11 Jane Addams and Democratic Citizenship
Part 12 Citizens: Aristocratic and Democratic
Chapter 13 The Natural History of Citizenship
Chapter 14 Political Parties, the Constitution, and Popular Sovereignty
Chapter 15 Lincoln and the Politics of Re-founding
Chapter 16 The Ordinary Hero and American Democracy
Chapter 17 Wilson Carey McWilliams and Communitarianism
Chapter 18 From Community Theory to Democratic Practice
Part 19 Conclusion: Virtue and Democracy
Chapter 20 Majority Tyranny in Aristotle and Tocqueville
For those of us who know Carey McWilliams, these artfully written essays are a richly deserved tribute to one of our nation's most important voices. As exceptionalism defines America, so too does Carey McWilliams define the exceptional teacher and political theorist. His breadth of understanding about American public life is exceeded only by the degree to which he has inspired generations of students to a larger understanding of their native land. Friendship and citizenship stand at the center of Carey's teaching and writing and those themes are wonderfully echoed in the essays in this extraordinary book.
Henry Plotkin, Executive Director, New Jersey State Employment & Training Commission

Friends and Citizens amplifies the distinctive themes that have marked Carey McWilliams's career. United by their admiration for Carey, political theorists of widely varying approaches and persuasions supply rich fare for examining friendship and citizenship from the Bible and the Greeks to major and lesser known figures in the American political tradition. In McWilliams's spirit, these are essays that pursue the deepest and most mysterious realms of democratic experience.
Bruce L. Miroff, University of Albany

The essays are almost uniformly of high quality, readable, interesting.
Claremont Review of Books

Friends and Citizens is a model festschrift. Particularly recommended are the cluster of essays on friendships and politics. Though it cannot be said successfully to bring order to the "dazzling eccentricities" of Wilson Carey McWiliams' teachings, it does illustrate their capacity to stimulate.
American Political Science Review

For four decades, Wilson Carey McWilliams has been informing and challenging colleagues and students with his insightful and provocative studies of American political thought. This fine collection of essays, tracing themes of friendship and citizenship from classical to contemporary times, and through a broad cross-section of American thinkers, is a testimony to his inspiring influence, and a reminder of the richness of American political theory.
Michael Lienesch, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill