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Pierre Bourdieu

Fieldwork in Culture

Edited by Nicholas Brown and Imre Szeman - Contributions by Jon Beasley-Murray; Carolyn Betensky; Pierre Bourdieu; Bo G. Ekelund; John Guillory; Robert Holton; Marty Hipsky; Marie-Pierre Le Hir; Paul D. Lopes; Caterina Pizanias; Daniel Simeoni and Carol A. Stabile

The work of Pierre Bourdieu, one of the most influential French intellectuals of the twentieth century, has had an enormous impact on research in fields as diverse as aesthetics, education, anthropology, and sociology. Pierre Bourdieu: Fieldwork in Art, Literature, and Culture is the first collection of essays to focus specifically on the contribution of Bourdieu's thought to the study of cultural production. Though Bourdieu's own work has illuminated diverse cultural phenomena, the essays in this volume extend to new cultural forms and to national situations outside France. Far from simply applying Bourdieu's concepts and theoretical tools to these new contexts, the essays in this volume consider both the possibility and limits of Bourdieu's sociology for the study of culture. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 256Size: 6 x 9
978-0-8476-9388-7 • Hardback • January 2000 • $130.00 • (£85.00)
978-0-8476-9389-4 • Paperback • January 2000 • $49.00 • (£32.95)
978-1-4616-4088-2 • eBook • January 2000 • $46.00 • (£31.95)
Nicholas Brown is assistant professor of English at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Imre Szeman is assistant professor of English at McMaster University.
Chapter 1 Introduction: Fieldwork in Culture
Chapter 2 Bourdieu's Refusal
Chapter 3 Resistance, Recuperation, and Reflexivity: The Limits of a Paradigm
Chapter 4 Anglicizing Bourdieu
Chapter 5 Bourdieu and Common Sense
Chapter 6 Value and Capital in Bourdieu and Marx
Chapter 7 Cultural Studies Bourdieu's Way: Women, Leadership, and Feminist Theory
Chapter 8 Habitus Revisited, Notes and Queries from the Field
Chapter 9 Pierre Bourdieu's Fields of Cultural Production: A Case Study of Modern Jazz
Chapter 10 Romancing Bourdieu: A Case Study in Gender Politics in the Literary Field
Chapter 11 The Prestige of the Oppressed: Symbolic Capital in a Guilt Economy
Chapter 12 Space, Time, and John Gardner
Chapter 13 Passport to Duke
This sparkling and unusually coherent collection of essays emphasizes the American reception and adaptation of Bourdieu's work. It shows how Bourdieu has been resisted and embraced and discusses how his terms and methods might be both used and modified by American academics. Theoretical reflections are productively complemented by empirical investigations of non-canonical and popular artistic expressions and by discussions of the position of women in Bourdieu's thought.
Marshall Brown, University of Washington

Readers in different national contexts should use [this book] to reflect on the social factors affecting their responses to Bordieu's work.
Times Literary Supplement, (London)

The book Pierre Bourdieu is useful to researchers who contemplate what really useful knowledge and work are in contemorary academe where social structures and cultural forms too often conform to the marketplace logic of late capitalism.

Intellectual historians, sociologists, anthropologists and anyone interested in the discipline of cultural studies will want to spend some time with this book.
International Social Science Review

Jon Beasley-Murray, University of Aberdeen; Carolyn Betensky , George Washington University; Pierre Bourdieu, Collège de France; Nicholas Brown, University of Illinois at Chicago; Bo G. Ekelund, Uppsala University; John Guillory, New York University; Robert Holton, University College in Kelowna, British Columbia; Marty Hipsky, Ohio Wesleyan University; Marie-Pierre Le Hir, Case Western Reserve University; Paul D. Lopes, Tufts University; Caterina Pizanias; Daniel Simeoni, York University; Carol A. Stabile, University of Pittsburgh, and Imre Szeman, McMaster University.