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Her Majesty's Other Children

Sketches of Racism from a Neocolonial Age

Lewis R. Gordon

In this exploration of race and racism, noted scholar Lewis R. Gordon offers a critique of recent scholarship in postcolonial Africana philosophy and critical race theory, and suggests alternative models that respond to what he calls our contemporary neocolonial age_an age in which cultural, intellectual, and economic forms of colonial domination persist. Through essays that address popular culture, the academy, literature, and politics, Gordon unsettles the notion of race and exposes the complexity of antiblack racism. An important book for philosophers, political theorists, sociologists, cultural critics, and anyone concerned with the overt and subtle ways of injustice. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 288Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
978-0-8476-8447-2 • Hardback • August 1997 • $104.00 • (£70.00)
Lewis R. Gordon is professor of Afro-American studies, contemporary religious thought, and modern culture and the media at Brown University.
Chapter 1 Foreword
Chapter 2 Introduction: Her Majesty's Other Children
Part 3 Philosophy, Race, and Racism in a Neocolonial World
Chapter 4 Context: Ruminations on Violence and Anonymity
Chapter 5 Fanon, Philosophy, and Racism
Chapter 6 Race, Biraciality, and Mixed Race—in Theory
Chapter 7 Sex, Race, and Matrices of Desire in an Antiblack World
Chapter 8 Uses and Abuses of Blackness: Postmodernism, Conservatism, Ideology
Chapter 9 In a Black Antiblack Philosophy
Chapter 10 African Philosophy's Search for Identity: Existential Considerations of a Recent Effort
Part 11 The Intellectuals
Chapter 12 Lorraine Hansberry's Tragic Search for Postcoloniality: Les Blancs
Chapter 13 Tragic Intellectuals on the Neocolonial—Postcolonial Divide
Chapter 14 Exilic "Amateur" Speaking Truth to Power: Edward Said
Chapter 15 Black Intellectuals and Academic Activism: Cornel West's "Dilemmas of the Black Intellectual." Right-Wing Celebration, Left-Wing Nightmare: Thoughts on the Centennial of Plessy v. Ferguson
Part 16 Aisthesis Demokrate
Chapter 17 Sketches of Jazz
Chapter 18 Aesthetico-Political Reflections on the AMTRAK: Rap, Hip-Hop, and Isaac Julien's Fanon along the Northeast Line
Chapter 19 Epilogue: The Lion and the Spider (An Anticolonial Tale)
Lewis Gordon is one of the most thoughtful critics of contemporary black life and society. Gordon's latest work, Her Majesty's Other Children, brings philosophical illumination to the contours of black social thought . . . his critics will be deeply impressed with the scholarly and passionate commentary he brings to the debate about the black intelligentsia.
Manning Marable, M. Moran Weston/Black Alumni Council Professor of African-American Studies, Columbia University

A brilliant blend of philosophy, memoir, and cultural analysis, Her Majesty's Other Children reflects Lewis Gordon's ongoing commitment to pursue critical scholarship that cuts across academic disciplines and geographic borders, straight to the heart of the urgent questions we face on the cusp of the new millennium. Without doubt, Gordon is one of the most important young intellectuals examining issues of race and gender today, and his ability to situate his reflections in an international context—at both the scholarly and personal levels, as he does here—makes his observations indispensable as we confront our collective future.
Angela Y. Davis, University of California, Santa Cruz; author of Blues Legend and Black Feminism

Writing as a Fanon scholar and jazz musician, Lewis Gordon incisively restores the Fanon for whom one emancipatory goal was uppermost—"to set man free." It is in its reenactment of this goal that Gordon's Her Majesty's Other Children is distinguished not only from the works that it critiques . . . but also from the recent spate of books that have set out to academicize the issue of race. In Gordon's work, the emancipatory goal of Fanon's work, its Copernican insight, is dynamically renewed in the terms called for by the approaching end of our millennium.
Sylvia Wynter, Stanford University

Her Majesty's Other Children is the winner of the Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Award for the Study of Human Rights in North America.

A collection of essays which challenge the reader to theorize about the essential lived-experience of anti-Black racism.
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