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The Human Tradition in the American West

Edited by Benson Tong and Regan A. Lutz

The Human Tradition in the American West is an engrossing collection of 13 biographies of men and women whose contributions to the development of the American West have largely been left untold in the history books. This volume goes beyond the traditional biographical reader by including the lives that collectively offer racial and gender diversity as well as differing class and sexual orientation backgrounds. Editors Benson Tong and Regan A. Lutz have assembled an impressive group of scholars whose succinct and well-written accounts will give students a more complete understanding of this diverse, dynamic region of the United States.

This book is an excellent resource for courses on the American West, U.S. history survey courses and courses in American social and cultural history. « less more »

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 237Size: 6 1/4 x 8 3/4
978-0-8420-2860-8 • Hardback • August 2001 • $99.00 • (£65.00)
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978-1-4617-1423-1 • eBook • August 2001 • $28.00 • (£18.95)
Chapter 1 Introduction: The West in Its Many Incarnations
Chapter 2 Francisco Javier Clavijero and the Founding of the Literary West
Chapter 3 Eliza Hart Spalding: Missionary Legacy of a Forgotten Feminist
Chapter 4 MarÌa Amparo Ruiz Burton and The Squatter and the Don
Chapter 5 Henry De Groot and the Mining West
Chapter 6 William Jefferson Hardin: Wyoming's Nineteenth-Century Black Legislator
Chapter 7 Henry Ossian Flipper: African American Western Pioneer
Chapter 8 Clare True and Female Moral Authority
Chapter 9 Joseph W. Brown: Native American Politician
Chapter 10 Eugene Pulliam: Municipal Booster
Chapter 11 William O. Douglas: The Environmental Justice
Chapter 12 Margaret Chung and the Dilemma of a Bicultural Identity
Chapter 13 Robert Burnette: A Postwar Lakota Activist
Chapter 14 Harvey Milk: San Francisco and the Gay Migration
During the 1980s and 1990s, the pioneering work of such scholars as Patricia Limerick gave rise to the New Western History, an intellectual crusade that has completely altered the way most Americans view their own past and the westward movement. Women, Hispanics, and African Americans were just as conspicuous in the westward movement as white men, and The Human Tradition in the American West captures that diversity and complexity. Benson Tong and Regan Lutz have assembled a series of essays that are richly nuanced, intellectually balanced, and true to the rich traditions of the American West.
James S. Olson, Sam Houston State University

This superb reader helps to explain the American West in all its complexities and varieties. Through individual biographies that span the centuries from the late eighteenth to the present, the authors animate a region that, despite the legends, maddeningly defies convenient geographical expression. Place and process, region and multiplicity of places—all are set gracefully within the context of a larger American history. This book may be used with great success in both seminars and surveys.
L. G. Moses, Oklahoma State University