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African, Asian and Middle Eastern Artists

Signatures and Monograms From 1800

John Castagno

John Castagno's Artists' Signatures and Monograms have become the standard reference source for galleries, museums, libraries, and collectors around the world. Whether used to identify, authenticate, or verify signatures and works of both well-known and little-known artists, Castagno's work has no equal.

In this new volume, Castagno has collected the signatures and monograms of artists from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East—including signature examples of artists from China, India, Japan, South Africa, Israel, and many other countries. In addition to the standard signature entries, the book contains sections for monograms and initials, common surname signatures, alternative surname signatures, and symbols. All artists are listed with the most updated information on nationality, birth and/or death dates. The entries direct the researcher to many biographical and bibliographical sources not found on web site searches, and many of the resources offer additional references. Several individual listings provide gallery referrals and catalog auction dates, which can be used to buy or sell a particular artist's work.

The use of African, Asian and Middle Eastern Artists Signatures and Monograms From 1800: A Directory provides the researcher a reference tool not duplicated elsewhere—one that will save many hours of research.
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Scarecrow Press
Pages: 150Size: 9 x 11 1/2
978-0-8108-6357-6 • Hardback • December 2008 • $145.00 • (£95.00)
John Castagno is a multimedia artist and sculptor. He has been an art researcher for the past 40 years and also lectures on art and on art as an investment. Mr. Castagno's recent books include Abstract Artists: Signatures and Monograms, An International Directory (2007), American Artists III: Signatures and Monograms, From 1800 (2008), and European Artists III: Signatures and Monograms, From 1800 (2008).
This resource will become very popular by library patrons wishing to research works of art that they own.... There are no other reference sources available that provide this type of unique information....Highly recommended for both large public and academic libraries.
American Reference Books Annual