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Canciones de España

Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain, Low Voice, Volume 3

Edited by Suzanne Rhodes Draayer

With the completion of Volume 3 of Canciones de España: Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain, 83 songs by 50 19th-century Spanish composers are now available for performance and study, in both high and low voice editions. This final volume presents 31 newly published canciones by 18 composers such as José León, Antonio Mercé Fondevila, Lázaro Núñez Robres, Antonio Reparaz, Gabriel Rodríguez, and Joaquín Valverde.

These songs represent the gems of the repertoire, providing examples of song types typical of the period, including the canción andaluza, the canción española, the balada Árabe, the bolero, the habanera, the canzoneta, and the seguidilla. A number of songs included had previously been available only in manuscript form and long forgotten in the depths of the world's greatest libraries. Here, they are made available and accessible through discussions of 19th-century politics and Spanish song style, a thorough pronunciation guide to Castilian Spanish, both word-for-word and idiomatic translations, and International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions. Short biographies of each composer add insight to the compositions.

Rounding out the anthology, this final volume includes appendixes that list all 83 songs by level of difficulty and by gender. This anthology allows singers and voice teachers to explore the poetry, culture, and history of Spain through its songs, demonstrating that the songs deserve their rightful place in the classical song repertoire of Europe and the Americas.
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Scarecrow Press
Pages: 240Size: 8 3/4 x 11 1/4
978-0-8108-5892-3 • Paperback • February 2007 • $55.00 • (£37.95)
Dr. Suzanne Rhodes Draayer, soprano, is professor of voice and related studies at Winona State University. She is the author of A Singer's Guide to the Songs of Joaquín Rodrigo (2003), and Canciones de España: Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain, Volume I (2003) and Volume 2 (2005; all published by The Scarecrow Press, Inc.).
Part 1 Alphabetical Song Listing
Part 2 Foreword
Part 3 Preface
Part 4 Acknowledgments
Part 5 Introduction
Part 6 Spanish Song Types of the Nineteenth Century
Part 7 Pronunciation Guide to Castilian Spanish
Part 8 Editor's Remarks
Part 9 Cual de Aquestas Tres Cosas
Part 10 No Hay Quien Dé Una Limosna
Part 11 Un Medio de Que Vivas
Part 12 El Chalán
Part 13 A María
Part 14 Rosa
Part 15 A...
Part 16 Lágrimas
Part 17 A Mi Nazarena
Part 18 El Beso del Poeta
Part 19 Plegaria
Part 20 Si al Mecer las Azules Campanillas
Part 21 Nice Vengada o Los Ojuelos
Part 22 Canciones del Hogar
Part 23 El Despecho
Part 24 Mis Descuidados Ojos
Part 25 Seguidillas del Requiem Eternam
Part 26 Si a Otro Cuadro me Quieres
Part 27 El Barquero
Part 28 La Serenata
Part 29 ¡Desengaño!
Part 30 ¡Mi Pobre Reja!
Part 31 A la Incredulidad
Part 32 El Túmulo
Part 33 El Pelele
Part 34 Niña Pancha
Part 35 Las Castañuelas
Part 36 Bibliography
Part 37 Appendix 1: Songs Arranged by Level of Difficulty and by Gender, Volume 1, Canciones de Espana-Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain
Part 38 Appendix 2: Songs Arranged by Level of Difficulty and by Gender, Volume 2, Canciones de Espana-Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain
Part 39 Appendix 3: Songs Arranged by Level of Difficulty and by Gender, Volume 3, Canciones de Espana-Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain
Part 40 About the Editor
This volume clearly sets out, with success, to provide a new standard for its repertoire.
The Singer, Review of Vol. 1

More than two-dozen canciones for the low voice are presented in this anthology of works by 19th-century Castilian Spanish composers. Each score is accompanied by a word-for-word and an idiomatic translation as well as an IPA transcription of the text. Editor Draayer (voice, Winona State U.) also provides a pronunciation guide and an overview of the primary song types of the period in the introduction.
Reference and Research Book News, May 2007

...this is a splendid edition of much needed new material in the genre of Spanish song and one that should be valuable indeed to teachers and students alike.
Journal of Singing , Review of Vol. 1

a volume well worth investigating for lovely songs that will be new to the study and performance repertoire of all singers. To quote and echo Mr. Castel—"Thank you, Suzanne!"
Journal of Singing , January-February 2008