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Canciones de España

Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain, Low Voice, Volume 2

Edited by Suzanne Rhodes Draayer - Foreword by Nico Castel

This book - offered in both high and low voice editions - makes available the passionate, dynamic songs of nineteenth-century Spain. Singers, voice teachers, and aficionados of songs know the great lieder repertoire of Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms, as well as the melodies of Debussy, Massenet, and Gounod. However, the Spanish equivalent to German lieder and French melodie has remained hidden away in the great libraries of Spain.

Canciones de España: Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain, Volume II, makes available twenty-nine songs composed by twenty Spanish composers living and composing in the nineteenth century. Descriptions of Spanish song types typical of the time, explanations of nineteenth-century politics, a thorough pronunciation guide to Castilian Spanish, word-for-word translations, idiomatic translations, International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions, and short biographies of each composer are all included in this integral anthology.
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Scarecrow Press
Pages: 224Size: 8 1/2 x 11
978-0-8108-5675-2 • Paperback • September 2005 • $49.00 • (£32.95)
Suzanne Rhodes Draayer is Professor of Music at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota, where she teaches voice and related studies.
Part 1 Alphabetical Song Listing
Part 2 Foreword
Part 3 Preface
Part 4 Acknowledgments
Part 5 Introduction
Part 6 Spanish Song Types of the Nineteenth Century
Part 7 Pronunciation Guide to Castilian Spanish
Part 8 Editor's Remarks
Chapter 9 ¡Oh, Celeste Dulzura!, Emilio Arrieta (y) Corera
Chapter 10 La Imagen, Justo Blasco y Campáns
Chapter 11 Sálvale, Viergen María, Paulina Cabrero y Martínez
Chapter 12 Temores de la Inocencia, Paulina Cabrero y Martínex
Chapter 13 El Chairo, Ramón Carnicer y Batlle
Chapter 14 Melodía, Vicente Costa y Nogueras
Chapter 15 ¡Ay! Mar Que Son Mis Lágrimas, Antonio de la Cruz
Chapter 16 Las Hadas, Antonio de la Cruz
Chapter 17 Serenata, Antonio de la Cruz
Chapter 18 Madre del Alma Mía, J. Cumellas Ribó
Chapter 19 La Hermana de la Caridad, José Espí Ulrich
Chapter 20 Su Descentura, José Espí Ulrich
Chapter 21 La Ausencia de Colás, Joaquín Espín y Guillén
Chapter 22 La Mariposa, Joaquín Espín y Guillén
Chapter 23 El Ocaso, Felipe Espino Iglesias
Chapter 24 La Vuelta del Soldad, José Falcó Torro
Chapter 25 Abre el Ojo, Mona, Manuel García
Chapter 26 Juguete Español: Allí Está, Manuel García
Chapter 27 Yo Que No Sé Callar, Manuel García
Chapter 28 La Perla, Manuel Giró
Chapter 29 El Corazón en Venta, José Melchor Gomis
Chapter 30 El Abencerrage, Isidoro Hernández
Chapter 31 La Odalisca, Isidoro Hernández
Chapter 32 Duérmete, Niña, Rafael Hernando Palomar
Chapter 33 El Li Lis, Pablo Huertos
Chapter 34 La Mantilla de Tira, Sebastián de Iradier
Chapter 35 Ayes en la Inquisición, Florencio Lahoz Otal
Chapter 36 O Sí o No, Mariano Nicasio Rodríguis de Ledesma
Chapter 37 Ya Tengo Deuño, Mariano Nicasio Rodríguis de Ledesma
Part 38 Bibliography
Part 39 About the Editor
...a welcome addition to the growing body of this music available to us....It should be a part of the personal library of all voice teachers, especially those who teach Spanish speaking students.
Journal of Singing , November/December 2006

This anthology, part of an ongoing series by this author, contains 29 songs by 19th-century Castilian composers, selected for artistry of song setting, melody, and charm of the indigenous Spanish style. The edited and translated anthology provides a repertoire for recitals by beginning and intermediate singers. A companion volume (sold separately) contains the songs transposed for high voice. Draayer is a voice professor and advocate of Spanish vocal music.
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