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Historical Dictionary of the Jacksonian Era and Manifest Destiny

Terry Corps

The brief period from 1829 to 1849 was one of the most important in American history. During just two decades, the American government was strengthened, the political system consolidated, and the economy diversified. All the while literature and the arts, the press and philanthropy, urbanization, and religious revivalism sparked other changes. The belief in Manifest Destiny simultaneously caused expansion across the continent and the wretched treatment of the Native Americans, while arguments over slavery slowly tore a rift in the country as sectional divisions grew and a national crisis became almost inevitable.

The Historical Dictionary of the Jacksonian Era and Manifest Destiny takes a close look at these sensitive years. Through a chronology that traces events year-by-year and sometimes even month-by-month actions are clearly delineated. The introduction summarizes the major trends of the epoch and the four administrations therein. The details are then supplied in several hundred cross-referenced dictionary entries, and the comprehensive bibliography concludes this essential tool for students, teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in history.
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Scarecrow Press
Pages: 480Size: 6 1/2 x 9
978-0-8108-5453-6 • Hardback • September 2006 • $114.00 • (£75.00)
Terry Corps is a British scholar of the history of the United States who has specialized in the study of Jacksonian America from the beginning of his postgraduate career. Formerly Head of American Studies at York St. John College in Britain, he continues to teach American History and American Studies at the Universities of Sheffield and Leicester.
Part 1 Editor's Foreward
Part 2 Reader's Note
Part 3 Chronology
Part 4 Introduction
Part 6 Appendix: Presidents and Their Administrations, 1829-1849
Part 7 Bibliography
Part 8 About the Author
This dictionary will make a fine addition to any collection supporting American history students of libraries serving readers and researchers interested in the early national period of the United States.
American Reference Books Annual, vol. 38 (2007)

In sum, the major themes, events, and personalities one would expect to find in a history of this period are present, making the book a convenient reference and filling a gap in the scholarly literature.
Journal of Southern History, August 2008

A British historian of the US and specialist in the Jacksonian era, Corps (U. of Sheffield, U. of Leicester) describes the period, 1829-49, as a moment of transition from an independent and geographically limited country into a nascent superpower. The dictionary contains entries on people, places, parties and other organizations, events, movements, laws, works of literature, and other topics with political, social, economic, or artistic significance. There is no index, but the cross-references are extensive.
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