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Guide to Library and Information Agency Management

Charles E. Curran and Lewis Miller

This guide identifies major concerns and involves interested parties in thoughtful consideration and discussion of challenges and opportunities embedded in managerial and administrative practice. By talking about the management of information places and with managers and mangers-to-be, authors Curran and Miller provide a more thorough and realistic outlook on the managerial experience. The authors assert that:

· Information agencies of all stripes share a common purpose
· The act of deciding is the primary administrative/managerial responsibility
· Knowledge Management must replace mere acquisition, storage and dissemination
· The budget process is every bit as important as the budget document
· Interpersonal issues dominate
· Meetings soak up time

Tackling many issues that other management books won't touch (e.g. sex in the office place, cliques, emphasis on political behavior, specific mistakes that cripple managers, and managing contradictions and paradoxes), this book is an excellent resource for all administrators.
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Scarecrow Press
Pages: 368Size: 6 x 8 1/2
978-0-8108-5115-3 • Paperback • October 2005 • $69.00 • (£47.95)
Charles Curran has taught management and collection development at the School of Library and Information Science, Unversity of South Carolina. He has served elected and appointed offices in ALA and the Association for Library and Information Science Education, most recently as president of the latter.

Lewis Miller is currently dean of libraries at Butler University in Indianapolis.
Part 1 Acknowledgments
Part 2 Foreword
Part 3 Introduction
Chapter 4 1. The Nature of the Information Place
Chapter 5 2. Managing Communication and Representation
Chapter 6 3. Leadership and Management
Chapter 7 4. A Brief History of Organizational Thought from the Garden of Eden to the Fish Market
Chapter 8 5. Human Resources
Chapter 9 6. Political Behavior
Chapter 10 7. Budgeting
Chapter 11 8. Learning about Management from Experience
Chapter 12 9. The External Environment
Chapter 13 10. A Field Guide to Mistakes Managers Make
Chapter 14 11. Managing the Paradoxes
Chapter 15 12. Information Policy
Chapter 16 13. Knowledge Management
Chapter 17 14. You Will Not See This in Other Information Place Management Texts
Part 18 Index
Part 19 About the Authors
Broad in scope and written in an easy-to-read style, this guide can most appropriately be used as an introduction to management for library and information science students....useful for those in larger organizations who need to conduct in-house management training sessions.
Info Career Trends

Acknowledging the rapid changes in technologies and expectations for libraries and other information management agencies, and the special and diverse laws, rules, and standards of practice involved, Curran (library and information science, U. of South Carolina) and Miller (library and information science, Indiana U.) also cover many of the issues that others avoid, such as sex in the workplace, office cliques, political behavior, crippling mistakes and management contradictions. They describe the unique nature of the information place, the importance of decision-making, the process of budgeting (which is just as important as the budget document) and the external environment (such as privacy and laws regarding the expression of opinion.)
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