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A Singer's Guide to the Songs of Joaqu'n Rodrigo

Suzanne Rhodes Draayer

Now in Paper! An authoritative and indispensable guide to Joaquín Rodrigo's catalog of vocal works, A Singer's Guide provides word-for-word translations, idiomatic translations, and IPA transcriptions of Rodrigo's entire body of work, which encompasses eighty-seven songs. Other details given are background information, range, length and other relevant facts. Biographies of Rodrigo and his wife, Victoria Kamhi, are also included, as well as information gleaned from in-depth interviews and correspondence with Cecilia Rodrigo, the only child of Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo. Much of this information has never before been available to the public. Rodrigo set Castilian, Catalan, German, French, Latino, and Galician poetry dating from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century to exquisite melodies and accompaniments. This book will allow for greater accessibility to Rodrigo's beautiful songs and literature.

A Singer's Guide to the Songs of Joaquín Rodrigo will acquaint you with some of the world's most beautiful vocal literature. Rodrigo is a masterful melodist, creating exquisite themes that enhance the poem and suit the singer's voice. His songs meld the old with the new—supreme lyricism, harmonic as well as nonharmonic dissonance, and a fine sense of poetic line. Treat yourself, your students, and your audiences to the profound beauty of Rodrigo's songs! Paperback edition available July 2002. Cloth edition previously published in 1999.
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Scarecrow Press
Pages: 284Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
978-0-8108-4827-6 • Paperback /Audio disc • January 1999 • $58.00 • (£39.95)
Subjects: Music / Reference
Suzanne Rhodes Draayer, soprano, is Professor of Music at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota, where she teaches voice and related studies.
This book helps singers understand and pronounce the songs' texts and gives a background of the composer's life and his musical works.
Music Educators Journal

An authoritative and indispensable guide to Joaquín Rodrigo's little-known catalog of vocal works...
Hispanic Outlook In Higher Education

Suzanne Draayer takes a step off the beaten track...and makes a welcome contribution to the literature...there are fascinating tidbits of information about Rodrigo and his output...this is a very useful volume that is recommended for those interested in exploring this unjustly neglected repertoire.
Nats Journal Of Singing

...valuable introduction...valuable publication information. Volumes such as this one help expand the repertoire of singers...All collections supporting study of song.