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Canciones de España

Songs of Nineteenth-Century Spain: High Voice

Suzanne Rhodes Draayer - Foreword by Nico Castel

Although the music of Spain is diverse, profound, colorful and deserving of recognition, a collection of nineteenth century Spanish songs has never been available to singers in the United States. Until now, Spain has been neglected in the study of music history. Collections of zarzuela arias have been published, but art song composed prior to Turina, Granados, Obradors, de Falla, and Rodrigo have remained in the archives of Spanish libraries.

This fascinating anthology, a collection of 23 songs composed by a variety of Spanish composers born in the nineteenth century, provides an exciting opportunity to explore the gems of Spanish vocal repertoire. Songs have been selected by virtue of the quality of the poetry, the artistry of the song setting, the beauty of the melody, the variety of the accompaniment, and those with an indigenous flavor. This repertoire is fresh, exciting, and unique, utilizing lovely Spanish rhythms, harmonies and poetry. Available both in high and low voice editions.

§ Word-for-word translations and Idiomatic translations
§ Brief biographies of the composers
§ International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions of the texts
§ A concise guide to the pronunciation of Castilian Spanish
§An audio CD
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Scarecrow Press
Pages: 208Size: 8 1/2 x 11
978-0-8108-4728-6 • Paperback /Audio disc • May 2003 • $56.00 • (£37.95) - Currently out of stock. Copies will arrive soon.
Suzanne Rhodes Draayer, soprano, is Professor of Music at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota, where she teaches voice and related studies.
Part 1 Alphabetical Song Listing
Part 2 CD Track Listing
Part 3 Foreword
Part 4 Preface
Part 5 Acknowledgments
Part 6 Introduction
Part 7 Spanish Song Types of the Nineteenth Century
Part 8 Pronunciation Guide to Castilian Spanish
Part 9 Editor's Remarks
Chapter 10 A Granada
Chapter 11 A Mi Madre
Chapter 12 Amor y Olvido
Chapter 13 Lo que Está de Dios
Chapter 14 ¡Malditos Quereres...!
Chapter 15 Cacho de Cielo
Chapter 16 Ave Maria
Chapter 17 Las Quejas de Maruja
Chapter 18 La Española
Chapter 19 El Caudillo de los Ciento
Chapter 20 Niño Divino
Chapter 21 Amor Sin Esperanza
Chapter 22 La Pecadora
Chapter 23 A Tus Ojos
Chapter 24 Ninette
Chapter 25 La Madrileña
Chapter 26 El Arreglito
Chapter 27 Un Adiós
Chapter 28 La Pajarita
Chapter 29 ¿Te Acuerdas?
Chapter 30 ¡...La de Ojos Azules!
Chapter 31 La Manola de Madrid
Chapter 32 El Amor y los Ojos
Part 33 Bibliography
Part 34 About the Editor
...this is a splendid edition of much needed new material in the genre of Spanish song and one that should be valuable indeed to teachers and students alike.
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