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Increasing Awareness of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Edited by Elena M. Garralda and Jean-Philippe Raynaud - Contributions by Charlotte Allenou; Charles Baily; Cornelio Banaag; Philippe Birmes; Rossana Bisceglia; Rodrigo Chazan; C Cheung; Vanessa Loi-Yan Chu; Eric Fombonne; Tamsin Ford; Jean-Yves Hayez; Franck Hazane; Schuyler Henderson; Jennifer Jenkins; Kazu Kobayashi; Bertrand Olliac; Maryland Pao; Guilherme Polanczyk; Robertas Povilaitis; Dainius Puras; Lisa Reisinger; Luis Rohde; Kapil Sayal; Sadaaki Shirataki; Rebecca Simon; Mandy Steiman; Emily Swinkin; Stevan Weine; Virginia Chun-Nei Wong and Yi Zheng

In this volume, Elena Garralda and Jean-Philippe Raynaud aim to contribute to advancing awareness of child and adolescent mental health within an international framework that gives special consideration to problems arising in different contexts around the world and through expert views supported by empirical evidence and considering clinical implications.

There is increasing recognition worldwide of the importance of child and adolescent mental health problems, of the distress and impairment they can cause to children and their families, and of the markedly adverse effects on education and on adult psychiatric adjustment when left untreated. Globally, however, services to attend to these problems in children are uneven and patchy. There is a need to advance awareness of child and adolescent mental health and of factors that influence them.

Chapters address the effects on child mental health of issues ranging from secular changes in family composition in both western and eastern countries, rapid industrialization, poverty, deprivation, and adoption, to refugee status and aboriginal life. It considers emerging issues, such as cyber addiction, PTSD, ADHD across different cultures, and the autistic "epidemic." They discuss new service developments (Eastern Europe, paediatric liaison services) in the context of traditional methods (traditional Chinese medicine).
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Jason Aronson, Inc.
Pages: 338Size: 6 3/8 x 9 3/8
978-0-7657-0661-4 • Hardback • April 2010 • $100.00 • (£70.00)
978-0-7657-0662-1 • Paperback • March 2010 • $42.00 • (£27.95)
978-0-7657-0663-8 • eBook • March 2010 • $39.00 • (£24.95)
M. Elena Garralda is professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at Imperial College, London.

Jean-Philippe Raynaud is professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, head of department at Toulouse University Hospital, France.
Part 1 Preface
Part 2 Editorial Introduction
Part 3 Part I: Influences on child and adolescent mental health
Chapter 4 Chapter 1: From epidemiology of child and adolescent mental health problems to service utilisation
Chapter 5 Chapter 2: Family structure and children's mental health in Western countries
Chapter 6 Chapter 3: One-child policy and child mental health
Chapter 7 Chapter 4: Industrialization: Its impact on child and adolescent mental health
Chapter 8 Chapter 5: Child refugee mental health
Part 9 Part II: Individual disorders/problems
Chapter 10 Chapter 6: The boundaries of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Chapter 11 Chapter 7: Changes in psychiatric problems of children and adolescents in Japan: from internalising to externalising symptoms
Chapter 12 Chapter 8: Trends in autism rates: is there an epidemic?
Chapter 13 Chapter 9: PTSD in mothers coping with trauma in their children
Part 14 Part III: Treatment and services
Chapter 15 Chapter 10: Paediatric Psychosomatic medicine: emotional health in children with chronic illness
Chapter 16 Chapter 11: Autism spectrum disorder and traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture)
Chapter 17 Chapter 12: Development of child mental health services in Central and Eastern Europe
Chapter 18 Chapter 13: An historical approach to the discovery and promotion of child mental health
Increasing Awareness of Child and Adolescent Mental Health is a remarkable book, in a single volume providing professionals and others interested in child mental health an overview of the major contemporary issues relevant to child mental health. These include, among others, urbanization and the nuclear family, the unintended consequences of the single-child policy in China, and the concern over an epidemic of autism. With strong, evidence-based chapters by leading authors, this book is exciting to read and learn from.
Myron L. Belfer, MD, MPA, Harvard Medical School

This book provides a rich, stimulating, and up-to-date account of the state of child mental health throughout the world. I can thoroughly recommend it to all child and adolescent mental health professionals who wish to broaden their horizons and gain new perspectives on their own practice.
Philip Graham, emeritus professor of child psychiatry, Institute of Child Health, London

The book provides an excellent review of child and adolescent mental health issues from a transcultural perspective. The 13 chapters, written by experienced clinicians and researchers, focus on influences on child mental health, individual problems/disorders, and treatment issues. A special feature of the book is the inclusion of psychosocial problems like the mental health of refugee children, the impact of the one-child policy in China, and changes in psychiatric problems in Japan. The book can warmly be recommended to an international readership.
Helmut Remschmidt, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Philipps-University, Germany