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New England Notebook

One Reporter, Six States, Uncommon Stories

Ted Reinstein


Looking to buy some medieval armour? In the mood for an orchestra of typewriters? Perhaps you’d like to sift through handcrafted cashmere scarves while chatting up Indiana Jones’ lovely co-star? Know where to find America’s oldest baseball diamond, New England’s smallest town, or Grover Cleveland’s impossibly-young (and spitting-image) grandson (think about it)?

New England Notebook offers the answers to these questions and more in a blend of the region’s most singular and noteworthy nuggets of history, people, and culture. This is a collection of colorful facts, stories and anecdotes, plus a savvy selection of unusual eats, goods, services and events. Whether it’s finding a little-known museum of Titanic memorabilia, an underwater escape artist, or the smallest bar, both casual readers and dedicated lovers of all things New England will share a hearty—and humorous—sense of, “Who knew?”

Written by a native New Englander and WCVB on-air reporter, New England Notebook goes beyond the merely curious, though it offers plenty of intriguing tidbits, unusual museums, fascinating characters, and many pieces of trivia and little-known facts.

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Globe Pequot Press
Pages: 200Size: 7 1/2 x 9 1/4
978-0-7627-7841-6 • Hardback • May 2013 • $24.95 • (£15.95)

Ted Reinstein has been a reporter for “Chronicle,” WCVB-TV/Boston’s award-winning—and America’s longest-running, locally-produced—nightly news magazine since 1997. In addition, he is a regular contributor for the station’s political roundtable show and writes a weekly opinion column. He lives just west of Boston with his wife and two daughters.

Ted Reinstein's New England Notebook is like having Norman Rockwell as your neighbor. Every page, each story and everyone you meet while reading is both a vacation and an education focusing on a region Ted has covered for decades.
- Mike Barnicle, award-winning print and broadcast journalist, and social and political commentator
We'd love to travel to all these great places in New England, and meet all these fascinating people, too. Unfortunately, between the two of us we don't have a vehicle that could take us more than about nine miles—and that's being optimistic!
- Tom and Ray Magliozzi, NPR’s “Car Talk”
Ted Reinstein has “been there and back” to bring us this warm, affectionate, insightful native’s-eye view of New England.
- Tim Sample, Maine humorist

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New England

A quirky encyclopedia of the various people, places, and things that make up the character of New England.