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The Progressive Revolution

History of Liberal Fascism through the Ages, Vol. IV: 2012–13 Writings

Ellis Washington

The Progressive Revolution (Volumes III & IV)—continues this historical and literary series by systematically chronicling both the historical significance and political deconstruction that the Progressive Revolution or the Progressive Age (circa 1860–present), particularly how this ubiquitous socialist revolution has destroyed Western Civilization and America’s Judeo-Christian traditions even to this day. These volumes are a collection of selected essays, articles and Socratic dialogues from Washington’s weekly columns published in WND.com and RenewAmerica.com—both essential news and opinion websites of primarily conservative writers and ideas. This opus is divided into two volumes—Volume III: 2010-11 Writings; Volume IV: 2012-13 Writings—which rather than being arranged chronologically by date, are organized topically according to their subject matter of 12 intellectual disciplines including—Law, Politics, Foreign Policy, Philosophy, Aesthetics, the Academy, Religion, Economics, Science & Medicine, Culture & Society, History and Legal Scholarship. « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 530Size: 6 x 9
978-0-7618-6659-6 • Hardback • December 2015 • $90.00 • (£60.00)
Ellis Washington is a former editor of the Michigan Law Review and law clerk at The Rutherford Institute. He is the Director of Salt and Light Global, LLC, a Christian religious liberties organization, and an Adjunct Professor of Law at the National Paralegal College where he teaches legal ethics, constitutional law, administrative law, contracts, American government, history and advanced legal writing. Since 2010 Washington has been a co-host on Joshua's Trial, a radio show of Christian conservative thought. He is a graduate of DePauw University (B.M. 1983), University of Michigan (M.M. 1986), John Marshall Law School (J.D. 1994) and post-graduate studies in history and law at Harvard and Michigan State University. For over 30 years Professor Washington has written extensively on constitutional law, jurisprudence, legal history, literary criticism, politics, philosophy, political philosophy, critical race theory and on numerous other subjects. A prolific writer published on 5 continents, Washington has written approximately 2,000 essays, including 9 books, and over two dozen law review articles, many of which have been accepted into the Chamber’s Library of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Chapter One — On Law
On Politics

On Foreign Policy
On Philosophy
On Aesthetics
On the Academy
On Religion
On Economics
On Science and Medicine
On Culture and Society
On History
On Legal Scholarship
There is an old saying which in its present iteration states ‘pioneers get slaughtered while settlers prosper. Ellis Washington is a pioneer. His insights, observations, and even future projections, despite their accuracy, are almost always ahead of the curve. What he writes today, others will write tomorrow. He just writes before others are ready to listen and the others get the gravy.
Robert D’Agostino, Fmr. Dean and President, John Marshall Law School

...A shining, yet alarming book at the dark side of American culture. A must read for anyone who cares about the future of the American nation.
William Wagner, former Magistrate Judge, president/chairman of Salt and Light Global, LLC, professor, Trinity Law School

Washington traverses the present to the past and back with swan-like elegance and effortlessness to trace the paths that have converged to bring us to the crossroad where we stand today. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to connect the dots between history, politics and morality. Ellis Washington is the Thomas Sowell of his generation.
Ann Fishman, legal analyst; founder of Liberty Legal Foundation International