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Twelve Inventions Which Changed America

The Influence of Technology on American Culture

Gerhard Falk

This book describes twelve inventions that transformed the United States from a rural and small-town community to an industrial country of unprecedented power. These inventions demonstrate that no one person is ever responsible for technological advances and that the culture produces a number of people who work together to create each new invention. The book also shows the influences of technology on society and examines the beliefs and attitudes of those who partake in technological advances. The book is both a sociological analysis and a history of technology in the United States in the past two hundred years. « less more »
Hamilton Books
Pages: 250Size: 6 x 9
978-0-7618-6080-8 • Paperback • February 2013 • $34.99 • (£23.95)
978-0-7618-6081-5 • eBook • February 2013 • $34.99 • (£23.95)
Gerhard Falk is the author of twenty-one books and over forty journal articles. He has received the State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the State University College at Buffalo President’s Award for Creativity, and the State University of New York Research Foundation Award for Scholarship. He has also been inducted into Delta Tau Kappa, the International Social Science Honor Society.
Introduction: The History and Influence of Technology and Science on American Culture
Chapter One: The Steam Engine
Chapter Two: The Automobile (The Internal Combustion Engine)
Chapter Three: The McCormick Reaper and the Agricultural Revolution
Chapter Four: The Sewing Machine, the Textile Industry, and the Role of Women
Chapter Five: The American Gun Culture
Chapter Six: The Telegraph and the Telephone
Chapter Seven: Radio and Television
Chapter Eight: The Motion Picture
Chapter Nine: The Airplane
Chapter Ten: The Computer, the Internet, and the World Wide Web
Epilogue: Technology and Social Change