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Daniel Alexander Payne

The Venerable Preceptor of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Nelson T. Strobert

This detailed biography gives a portrait of the life of Daniel Alexander Payne, a free person of color in nineteenth century Charleston, South Carolina. This work highlights his life as educator, pastor, abolitionist, poet, historiographer, hymn writer, ecumenist, and bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Payne was a strong voice for the freedom of his enslaved brothers and sisters of color as well as a vociferous supporter of general and theological education. Upon his election as president of Wilberforce University in Ohio in 1863, Payne became the first African American to lead an institution of higher education in the United States. In addition to exploring his work within the United States, this biography highlights and includes sources from Payne’s travels, work, and reception in nineteenth century Europe. « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 166Size: 6 x 9
978-0-7618-5867-6 • Paperback • September 2012 • $31.99 • (£22.95)
978-0-7618-5868-3 • eBook • August 2012 • $31.99 • (£22.95)
Nelson T. Strobert is professor of Christian education in the Paulssen Hale Chair for Church and Society and director of multicultural studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Religious Education Association, the American Academy of Religion, and the Conference of International Black Lutherans.
Chapter I. The Formative Years: 1811 – 1837
Student and Teacher
The Road to Gettysburg
Gettysburg Seminary
Chapter II. The Transition Years: 1837 – 1856
The Lutheran Clergyman
Encounter and Connection with the A.M.E. Church
Education and Ministry
Election to Bishop
Chapter III. The Wilberforce Experience: 1856 – 1876
The Bishop’s Work Continues
Welcome the Ransomed
Prelude to Wilberforce
Payne’s involvement with Wilberforce
Wilberforce University and the A.M.E. Church
Payne Abroad
Return to the States
Chapter IV. The Waning Years: 1877-1893
Changing Responsibilities and Influence
A Second Voyage to Europe
Chapter V. Daniel Alexander Payne: Recuperating His Legacy