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J.P. Morgan and the Transportation Kings

The Titanic and Other Disasters

Steven H. Gittelman

The concept was simple, to link American railroads and global dominance of the seas with a railroad line through China and Russia, enter the back door of Europe, and create new royalty: the Transportation Kings. Vanderbilt, Hill, Morgan, and Harriman all pursued the grand dream. They were America’s industrial princes, poised for their greatest accomplishments, only to find that they had not considered the gauntlet awaiting them in the courts of kings and Kaisers, parliaments and congress. They awoke John Bull and helped precipitate revolution in China. They brought about the building of Lusitania and, in reaction, they owned and built the Titanic. We all know how the disaster story ends; this is how the story came about. « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 412Size: 6 3/8 x 9 3/8
978-0-7618-5849-2 • Hardback • March 2012 • $95.00 • (£65.00)
978-0-7618-5850-8 • Paperback • March 2012 • $45.99 • (£31.95)
978-0-7618-5851-5 • eBook • March 2012 • $45.99 • (£31.95)
Steven H. Gittelman has served as president of the Board of Trustees at The Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum for fifteen years. In his previous book, Gittelman followed his subject around the world to fashion his biography of Willie K. Vanderbilt. During that search, an obscure article in the New York Times provided him with a thread that unraveled this fascinating tale of the men who aspired global transportation dominance and how each one chased his own version of the dream, only to taste bitter failure

1. Early Shipping
2. American Shipping Consortium
3. The Corner
4. Economic Expansion
5. Community of Interest
6. Vanderbilt
7. Marc Hanna
8. The Creation of Political Leadership
9. Roosevelt
10. The Business of the Presidency
11. The Maritime Subsidy Bill
12. Roosevelt Rises
13. A Rift Between Friends
14. The Subsidy Bill Under Debate In Congress
15. Opposition in Congress
16. The Loyal Opposition
17. Pan-American Exposition
18. A New President
19. An Uninvited Agenda
20. The Anti-McKinley
21. Hanna’s Last Hurrah
22. Financial Contributions to an Incumbent
23. Harriman and the Far East
24. Competition in the Far East
25. Global Interference
26. The Panic of 1907
27. Roosevelt is Denied the 1908 Race
28. Hill and the Far East
29. Historic Rivalry
30. Free Ships
31. Breathing Life into the IMM
32. The American Invaders!
33. Cunard
34. IMM
35. Lusitania, Aquitania, Mauretania and Titanic
36. Investigation and Aftermath
37. Legacy
38. The End of a Dream

About the Author
This is a well documented synthesis. Steve Gittelman has a profound understanding of individuals—their passions and motivations—he weaves a unique tale while breathing life into his characters—providing an in depth view of the actions and their consequences to the players who ranged gigantic at the birth of the twentieth century. It is a dramatic story of business titans toppled by the enormity of their dreams.
Carole Hart, director, Greensboro Historic Museum

After impressive historical detective work, Steve Gittelman has revealed a fascinating, untold story. His cast of bankers, railroad tycoons and politicians may have failed to create a global shipping monopoly, but their gigantic endeavor is one more illustration of how fearless optimism and audacity in the early 20th century marked America’s rapid rise to become the world’s greatest economic power.
Lance Reinheimer, executive director, The Vanderbilt Museum