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The Wisdom of the Body

Lessons from Sixty Years in a Wheelchair

John M. Shackleford

Everything we learn comes to us through the senses. We interpret the books we read, the speeches and sermons we have heard, and so on. Over the years, we put these things together along with our personal experiences of daily living. Somehow, we integrate all of this sensory input and arrive at an outlook on life. Along the way we may decide whether or not our time here on earth has any meaning. In interpreting the facts of life, many of us tend to do so piecemeal, filtering out certain memories, perhaps even pleasurable ones, if they seem unimportant. However, the more one tries to recall childhood memories, the more they come to the forefront. In The Wisdom of the Body, John M. Shackleford reflects upon his childhood experiences and thoughtfully relates them to his sixty years in a wheelchair. He hopes that his determination to overcome the many difficulties of a paralyzed man—while at the same time pursuing a professional career—will inspire others to master their personal obstacles and become useful members of the human family. « less more »
Hamilton Books
Pages: 182Size: 6 1/4 x 9
978-0-7618-5725-9 • Paperback • November 2011 • $31.99 • (£22.95)
978-0-7618-5726-6 • eBook • January 2012 • $29.99 • (£19.95)
John M. Shackleford, Ph.D, taught anatomy for thirty-three years at two colleges of medicine. Upon retiring, he earned an MS in theology. He is the author of five books and a number of articles related to Biblical studies, science, and religion. He has also written over forty scientific articles in professional journals.
Introduction 1
Chapter One: The Call of Human Frailty 7
Chapter Two: To Turn Weakness into Strength 13
Chapter Three: The “Perfect” Human Being 21
Chapter Four: History as the Story of Human Weakness 29
Chapter Five: The Symphony of the Body 39
Chapter Six: Disease and Cleanliness 49
Chapter Seven: The Body of God 53
Chapter Eight: The Hidden God 65
Chapter Nine: Mind and Body 71
Chapter Ten: The Transformation of Faith 81
Chapter Eleven: The Good and the Beautiful 91
Chapter Twelve: The Reality of the Flesh 103
Chapter Thirteen: Sinfulness and Righteousness 111
Chapter Fourteen: The Social Body 117
Chapter Fifteen: The Problem of Doubt 127
Chapter Sixteen: The Disabled Body 137
Chapter Seventeen: The Anatomical Experience 143
Chapter Eighteen: The Heavenly Personality 149
Chapter Nineteen: Science, Mysticism, and Common Sense 159
Chapter Twenty: Consciousness as a Work of Art 165
Epilogue 171