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Following Jesus to Burning Man

Recovering the Church's Vocation

Kerry D. McRoberts

Following Jesus to Burning Man: Recovering the Church's Vocation places the author, a Pentecostal/evangelical minister, in a thoroughly pagan context in the Nevada desert where he discovered the presence of God in a way that transformed his understanding of ministry in the twenty-first century context. This book is about our culture's recovery and transformation by means of the church's Spirit-empowered application of Kingdom politics. More specifically, this book is an exhortation for the church in North America to be E-P-I-C: by (1) discovering and Experiencing the presence of Jesus Christ in every corner of the postmodern culture; (2) by Participating in missional ministry with him, wherever he is present; (3) by reading the cultural Images, signs and symbols and effectively incarnating the gospel, especially in the culture's most hurting places; and (4) by practicing the politics of re-form, re-connection, and re-creation, a Spirit empowered, covenant Community can transform our culture. « less more »
Hamilton Books
Pages: 120Size: 6 1/4 x 9
978-0-7618-5383-1 • Paperback • March 2011 • $28.99 • (£19.95)
978-0-7618-5384-8 • eBook • March 2011 • $28.99 • (£19.95)
Kerry D. McRoberts, D.MIN, MCS, MA, has twenty years of experience as a senior pastor. Since 1986, he has been a professor of practical ministries, theology, and apologetics/polemics. McRoberts has lectured in Asia, Latin America, and Europe and conducted numerous conferences on cults, the occult, and pagan spirituality. He and his wife, Vicki, have two married daughters and six grandchildren.
Chapter 1 Foreword: Jesus is Already There, at "Burning Man"
Chapter 2 Acknowledgements
Part 3 Introduction: An E-P-I-C Recovery!
Chapter 4 1. Following Jesus to Burning Man
Chapter 5 2. "A Glutton and a Drunkard"
Chapter 6 3. William Wilberforce and "Vital Christianity"
Chapter 7 4. Journeying to Burning Man: Recovering the Church's Vocation
Chapter 8 5. "Jesus at the Java Stop": A Grassroots Application of Kingdom Politics
Chapter 9 Appendix 1: Discipleship: Interactive Everything!
Chapter 10 Appendix 2: Web Sites
Chapter 11 Bibliography
Burning Man is a pagan-type camp meeting full of signs that point to our culture's spiritual exile. But what participants in Burning Man don't know, and what the church has yet to learn, is that Jesus is already there at 'Buring Man.' Hence the significance of [McRoberts'] title: Following Jesus to Burning Man: Recovering the Church's Vocation. Long before we ever arrive anywhere, Jesus is already there and up to something. Just as the 'gospel' was first proclaimed in Galilee, the place of Gentiles, the light is meant to shine in darkness. Read this book and find out how.
Leonard Sweet