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De Broglie's Armada

A Plan for the Invasion of England, 1765-1777

Sudipta Das

This study represents the first published translation and analysis of an intriguing scheme of invasion of the British Isles that formed the foundation of all later invasion plans drawn up in the ivory towers of French diplomacy. References to invasion plans—made by Spain in the Spanish Armada (1585-98), or by the French Directory (1795-99) against Ireland and England in the later 1790s, or those of Napoleon Bonaparte (1799-1815), or 'Operation Sea Lion,' the German plan of invasion during the Nazi era—have been based on published information of earlier plans, at the heart of which was De Broglie's grand project. « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 120Size: 6 x 8 3/4
978-0-7618-4395-5 • Paperback • August 2009 • $32.99 • (£22.95)
978-0-7618-4396-2 • eBook • March 2009 • $30.99 • (£21.95)
Dr. Sudipta Das, a naturalized U.S. citizen and a cancer survivor, is a professor of history and has published many scholarly articles. This monograph represents her second major publication of historical study in European diplomatic history.
Chapter 1 Chapter I: Broglie and His Lineage
Chapter 2 Chapter II: French Foreign Policy Objective, 1763-1778
Chapter 3 Chapter III: An Overview of Broglie's Plan of War, 1765-1777
Chapter 4 Chapter IV: Broglie's First Mémoir
Chapter 5 Chapter V: Broglie's Second Mémoir
Chapter 6 Chapter VI: De Broglie's Observations
Chapter 7 Chapter VII: Execution of the Invasion of England
Chapter 8 Chapter VIII: The Honorable Last Word
"A scholarly-spun text, an 'El dorado' of immense source information in naval, strategic military and diplomatic history, it is tenacious in tone and style, with a terse flavor of erudition."
Dr. Henry Efesoa-Mokosso, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Southern University at New Orleans

"This manuscript is a historical chronology of DeBroglie's autobiography and an outstanding translation of his original plans of the invasion of England. The author does an excellent description of the French role in this endeavor. I think this book will be an essential tool to help graduate and undergraduate students, now and in the future, to understand, comprehend, and enjoy the academic field of European history. This manuscript brings to life historical perspective, which allows students to connect current political events and trace the common thread that brings the subject to reality."
Dr. Rose Duhon-Sells, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Southern University at New Orleans