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From Children to Red Hatters

Diverse Images and Issues of Play

Edited by David Kuschner - Contributions by Garry Chick; Harold Fishbein; Gwen Gordon; Melissa von der Heide; Thomas S. Henricks; Susan Hutchinson; Erica Kelly; Deborah Kerstetter; D Michael Malone; Jackie Nelson; Eva E. Nwokah; Peggy O'Neill-Wagner; Michael M. Patte; Marianne B. Staempfli; Dolores A. Stegelin; Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler; Elizabeth A. Wood and Careen Mackay Yarnal

The Association for the Study of Play (TASP) is the sponsor of this eighth volume in the Play & Culture Studies series. TASP is a professional group of researchers who study play.

The focus of this eighth volume of the Play & Culture Studies series is on how play takes many forms as it cuts across species, ages, and cultures. The articles in this volume present current theoretical and empirical research on play and culture from a variety of disciplines including psychology, education, animal studies, and sociology. Applications to practice and policy implications are presented as well. Volume 8 continues the tradition of the Play & Culture series by presenting a view of play that is broad in scope both in terms of the subjects of study and the ways in which researchers approach the study of these diverse forms of play.
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University Press of America
Pages: 220Size: 6 x 9 1/4
978-0-7618-4291-0 • Paperback • December 2008 • $43.99 • (£29.95)
978-0-7618-4292-7 • eBook • December 2008 • $40.99 • (£29.95)
David Kuschner is an associate professor of early childhood education at the University of Cincinnati. His research interests include children's play, constructivism, and the history and philosophy of early childhood education. He is co-author (with George Forman) of The Child's Construction of Knowledge: Piaget for Teaching Children.
Chapter 1:What is Play? In Search of a Definition
Chapter 2:Play and the Rhetorics of Time: Progress, Regression, and the Meanings of the Present
Chapter 3:The Plasticity of an Infant Monkey's Play When Exposed to Sheep in a Novel Setting
Chapter 4:Historical Changes in Infant Toys 1865-1930
Chapter 5:Playmate Preferences of Preschool Children Based on Race, Sex, and Perceived Physical Attractiveness
Chapter 6:Parental Guidance with Four-Year-Olds in Literacy and Play Activities at Home
Chapter 7:All In a Day's Work: Children's Views on Play and Work at the Fifth Grade Level
Chapter 8:Measuring Playfulness and Extracurricular Involvement
Chapter 9:The Red Hat Society®: An Exploration of Play and Masking in Older Women's Lives
Chapter 10:Conceptualizing a Pedagogy of Play: International Perspectives from Theory, Policy and Practice.
this work presents fascinating ideas....the volume is replete with ideas on play that span time, the life cycle, and even species. Chapters offer more questions than answers and elevate our curiousity about play, rather than satisfy it, as any good book on play should do.
American Journal of Play, Spring 2010