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Seeking to Make the World Anew

Poems of the Living Dialectic

Sam Friedman

Seeking to Make the World Anew is a collection of poems that confront the crisis of modern society, that yearn for change, and that wonder about what kind of social order might replace the one we have. This compilation serves as a testament of the author's agonizing encounters with the degradations, insults, and diseases that this world abounds in—and expresses his awe at how people come together and seek solutions through struggle. Sam Friedman includes an introductory essay about how his ideas and his art developed through his experiences in the Civil Rights Movement, anti-war movements, scientific research and activism around the AIDS epidemic, and through thinking, arguing, and writing about how a new-style, freedom-loving socialist movement might be the only way to save humanity. « less more »
Hamilton Books
Pages: 150Size: 0 x 0
978-0-7618-4170-8 • Paperback • October 2008 • $35.99 • (£24.95)
978-0-7618-4171-5 • eBook • October 2008 • $33.99 • (£23.95)
Sam Friedman is a poet, socialist, activist, and AIDS researcher. As a poet, he has been published in Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Canadian Dimension, Lips, Long Shot, Paterson Literary Review, Edison Literary Review, AIDS Care, Home Planet News, and many other venues. As an AIDS researcher, he has published hundreds of articles in leading scientific journals including Nature, Science, Scientific American, and many others.
Part 1 Part 1. Being: Loving and Living through the Daily Grind Chapter 2 Work and Daily Life Chapter 3 AIDS in an Indifferent World Chapter 4 Ecology: The Whole World at Risk Chapter 5 Imperial Power in Action Chapter 6 Repression and Oppression Chapter 7 Same Thing, Different Forms Chapter 8 The Doldrums of the Years with Little Movement Chapter 9 If We Fail Chapter 10 Hopes and Fears as the System Approaches Crisis Part 11 Part 2. Essence: Soaring and Souring and Soaring Again through Struggle Chapter 12 Struggles in our History Chapter 13 AIDS Struggles Chapter 14 Future Struggles—We Hope Part 15 Part 3: Notion: Making the World Anew