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Relationships and Patterns of Conflict Resolution

A Reference Book for Couples Counselling

Peter D. Ladd

Dr. Ladd has written a reference book on couples counseling that explores six contemporary relationships and discusses how couples may change from one to another according to their life experiences. In addition, six common styles of conflict resolution are addressed that may make relationship changes less painful and difficult are also addressed. When we realize that one of the most common methods for transforming the union between two people is through divorce, then the possibility of changing a relationship, instead of changing a partner, may become a more attractive alternative. « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 285Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
978-0-7618-3740-4 • Hardback • May 2008 • $84.00 • (£54.95)
978-0-7618-3739-8 • Paperback • April 2007 • $50.99 • (£34.95)
Peter Ladd coordinates the Certificate of Advanced Studies Program in Counseling for St. Lawrence University's Graduate School of Education. Dr. Ladd also spends time on the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation where he acts as the clinical supervisor for the Tekanikonrahwa:kon Holistic Health and Wellness Program. He has written numerous books and articles in the areas of counseling and conflict resolution.
Part 1 Preface
Part 2 I: Stereotypical Relationships
Chapter 3 Authoritative Relationships
Chapter 4 Nurturing Relationships
Chapter 5 Equalizing Relationships
Chapter 6 Long Distance Relationships
Chapter 7 Independent Relationships
Chapter 8 Competitive Relationships
Part 9 II: Patterns of Conflict and Resolution
Chapter 10 Reciprocation Conflict Resolution Style
Chapter 11 Cohesion Conflict Resolution Style
Chapter 12 Substitution Conflict Resolution Style
Chapter 13 Alliance Conflict Resolution Style
Chapter 14 Avoidance Conflict Resolution Style
Chapter 15 Assimilation Conflict Resolution Style
Part 16 Appendix
Part 17 Endnotes
Part 18 Bibliography
Part 19 Index
Dr. Ladd's work emphasizes the fact that relationships are not static entities. He demonstrates how couples can restructure their relationships and resolve conflict. There is a need for such a book that is engaging and relevant for the times.
Ann Marie Churchill, practicing mental health therapist, Ottawa

Dr. Peter Ladd's book offers a critical resource for those in training and practice who want to assist couples in dealing with conflict in their relationship. This is truly a superb book that will appeal to both beginning and experienced practitioners.
Eric Lindsey, Penn State University Berks Campus