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Vivid Language

Writer as Reader, Reader as Writer

P. L. Thomas

Vivid Language is a writing text designed with two distinct sections. The first section is a brief writing text —one that reveals to students the many open-ended nuances of language use. At the center of the text section is the Golden Rule of Writing: "No rules exist in writing; only guidelines. But writers must have control of all that they choose to apply and must make each choice with a purpose that aids in the creation of meaning for the reader. Anything a writer applies for effect and with purpose is acceptable. Even fragments." The second section is a reference section that includes approximately fifty numbered areas that teachers use while marking essays and that students refer to while rewriting their essays. The second section (the Revision Appendix) is filled with examples taken from the author's own students; it is the heart of the text and a system that should develop students' abilities to be their own editors. The Reference Appendix avoids grammar jargon and guides the students to be effective decision makers as they write. The text is designed for use in high school and freshman composition courses at the college level. « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 128Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
978-0-7618-2018-5 • Paperback • February 2002 • $52.99 • (£37.95)
P.L. Thomas has taught introductory courses in English at several South Carolina colleges and teaches courses in Graduate Education at Converse College. He has been an English teacher at Woodruff High School, South Carolina since 1984.