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Representative Chapters in Ancient History (Vols. I & 2)

An Introduction to the West's Classical Experience: From Australopithecus to Alexander

Richard W. Hooper

Representative Chapters in Ancient History is not just another set of reference books or an attempt to completely summarize the ancient world. It is meant to be read as a lively and realistic portrait of classical antiquity. These books represent eras of ancient history at a level of detail usually reserved for full scale accounts, making it a great text both for college students and for the general reader. The approach is evolutionary. Students are given a thorough grounding in the origin and development of the major ancient Mediterranean civilizations so that later development can be more easily understood. The books move from agriculture, Egypt, Greece, early Rome, to the historical Jesus. The last two chapters use Justinian to look at Byzantium. This thorough and detailed account will inevitably inspire students to read more on their own and become engaged in this fascinating history. (Sold Only as a Set) « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 288Size: 6 x 9
978-0-7618-1819-9 • Paperback • 2 vol set • November 2000 • $101.00 • (£70.00)
Richard W. Hooper has a Ph.D. in Classics from Yale University. He is a Sales Representative for Barnes and Noble in Orange, Connecticut.
Chapter 1 Volume I: Acknowledgements; Introduction
Chapter 2 Neanderthalopia
Chapter 3 Survival of the Weakest
Chapter 4 The Ant in the Acacia
Chapter 5 The Infertile Crescent
Chapter 6 Two Decipherments
Chapter 7 The Black Headed People
Chapter 8 Hammurabi's Code
Chapter 9 Pyramid Power
Chapter 10 The Empire
Chapter 11 The Sun King
Chapter 12 The King of Kings
Chapter 13 The Minotaur
Chapter 14 The Trojan Horseshoe
Chapter 15 The Boy and the Fox
Chapter 16 Power to the People
Chapter 17 Marathon Race
Chapter 18 Hot Gates and Wooden Wall
Chapter 19 The Delian Empire
Chapter 20 War in Pelops' Island
Chapter 21 The Sicilian Expedition
Chapter 22 The Gadfly of Athens
Chapter 23 Iskander
Chapter 24 Notes to Chapters 1-22
Chapter 25 Volume II: The Rape of Lucrece
Chapter 26 S.P.Q.R.
Chapter 27 The Purple People
Chapter 28 "All Greece is Free!"
Chapter 29 The Phony Philip
Chapter 30 The Last Punic War
Chapter 31 The First Communist
Chapter 32 Tous pour un, un pour tous
Chapter 33 The Civil War
Chapter 34 "I am not king, but Caesar!"
Chapter 35 The Death of the Republic
Chapter 36 Too Many Caesars
Chapter 37 The Great One
Chapter 38 The Sermon on the Mount
Chapter 39 The Son of Man
Chapter 40 "What Do I Do With the Christians?"
Chapter 41 The Brother of Christ
Chapter 42 What Price Glory?
Chapter 43 Onward, Christian Soldiers!
Chapter 44 One Substance
Chapter 45 The Earthly City
Chapter 46 The Prince and the Showgirl
Chapter 47 Live Honorably, Harm Nobody, Give Everyone His Due
Chapter 48 Notes to Chapters 23-45
Chapter 49 Abbreviations Used in Notes
Chapter 50 Introduction to Bibliography and Further Reading
Chapter 51 Ancient Sources
Chapter 52 Modern Sources
Chapter 53 Index
Chapter 54 Maps and Table
Chapter 55 the Land of Summer and Akkad
Chapter 56 Upper and Lower Egypt
Chapter 57 Minoan Crete
Chapter 58 Mycenean Greece
Chapter 59 Greece at the Time of the Persian Wars
Chapter 60 Athens and the Saronic Gulf
Chapter 61 Greece at the Time of the Peloponnesian War
Chapter 62 Asia at the Time of the Peloponnesian War
Chapter 63 Sicily
Chapter 64 Western Half of Alexander's Empire
Chapter 65 Eastern Half of Alexander's Empire
Chapter 66 Early Italy
Chapter 67 Africa, Sicily, and Italy during the Punic Wars
Chapter 68 Punic Spain
Chapter 69 Greece at the Time of the Roman Conquest
Chapter 70 Family Nexus of the Aemilii Pauli, Sempronii Gracchi, and Scipiones
Chapter 71 Italy and Greece during the Civil War
Chapter 72 The East at the Time of the Second Triumvirate
Chapter 73 Italy and Greece during the Second Triumvirate
Chapter 74 Europe at the Time of the Later Roman Empire