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The Sibyl Cassandra A Christmas Play with the Insanity and Sanctity of Five Centuries Past
978-0-7618-1773-4 • Paperback
November 2000 • $31.99 • (£19.95)
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Pages: 48
Size: 6 1/8 x 9
By Gil Vicente and Cheryl Folkins McGinniss
History | Europe / General
University Press of America
In The Sibyl Cassandra: A Christmas Play with the Insanity and Sanctity of Five Centuries Past, the sixteenth century play by Gil Vicente is translated in full, and provided with a full introduction by Cheryl Folkins McGinniss. Cassandra, the heroine, is a young woman who rebels against the expectations and roles that society has placed upon her. Her refusal to marry causes outrage and chaos. Amid song and dance, she is accused of blasphemy and madness until the nativity scene is magically revealed. All is restored through Christ—or is it? The translator has "unpacked" this fascinating drama from an ancestral trunk for its renewed display and enjoyment during the Christmas season.
Cheryl Folkins McGinniss is an Associate Professor, MFL Department, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio.
Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Acknowledgments
Chapter 3 Introduction
Chapter 4 The Play: The Sibyl Cassandra
Chapter 5 Notes
Chapter 6 Works Cited
Chapter 7 Index