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The Bush Presidency - Part II

Ten Intimate Perspectives of George Bush

Kenneth W. Thompson - Contributions by Kenneth W. Thompson; Dick Cheney; Hugh Sidey; Andrew H. Card Jr.; Phillip D. Brady; David F. Demarest Jr.; Mark Rozell; Edward D. Berkowitz; Richard A. Melanson; Barbara Hackman Franklin and Lawrence S. Eagleburger

Copublished with The Miller Center of Public Affairs, The Bush Presidency - Part II, discusses the impressive accomplishments at the beginning of the end of the presidency of George Bush, presenting these events for placement in history. This collection begins with an oral history by the secretary of defense under Bush, Richard Cheney, who led a team of authorities on foreign policy and defense who were at least the equal of any group from previous administrations. Hugh Sidey presents his view of the relationship between President Bush's upbringing as the son of a senator in a comfortable and socially privileged family and his actions as a politician and president. This collection provides insights through others who worked with President Bush as they assess his actions as a communicator, his performance as a domestic and international president and particularly his search for a grand strategy in foreign policy and his dealings with Russia, China, and NAFTA. « less more »
University Press of America / Burkett Miller Center Public Affairs
Pages: 218Size: 9 3/4 x 9 1/4
978-0-7618-1271-5 • Hardback • October 1998 • $79.00 • (£52.95)
978-0-7618-1272-2 • Paperback • October 1998 • $47.99 • (£32.95)
Kenneth W. Thompson is Director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs and J. Wilson Newman Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia.
Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Introduction
Chapter 3 A Colleague's Perspective on President Bush: The Bush Presidency
Chapter 4 A Friend's Perspective on George Bush: Some Personal Reflections
Chapter 5 The Bush Presidency: A Macroperspective: The Bush White House and His Presidency
Chapter 6 The Bush Presidency: A Microperspective: Vice President and President Bush: His Chiefs of Staff and Staff Secretaries
Chapter 7 President Bush and the Public: The Bush Presidency and Communications; George Bush and the Public Presidency
Chapter 8 The Bush Presidency: Response to a Domestic Problem: George Bush and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapter 9 The Bush Presidency and Foreign Policy: George Bush's Search for a Post-Cold War Grand Strategy
Chapter 10 Challenge and Response in the Last Year of the Bush Presidency: Reflections on the Final Year of the Bush Administration: China, Russia, and NAFTA
Chapter 11 Principles of Policy: Bosnia, China, Negotiations, and Key Issues
Chapter 12 Some Concluding Thoughts