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Families and Communities in Partnership

Patricia Voydanoff

This collection examines the interdependence between families and other social institutions, and the need for families and communities to work together to meet the needs of families and children. It documents the need for partnerships among families, churches, schools, human service organizations, and the government, and provides strategies for building such partnerships. This book is targeted for church, lay, and academic audiences including diocesan family life, social justice, religious education, and youth ministry staffs. Other persons who will benefit from reading this book include Catholic charities staff members, other health and human services professionals, family and child advocates, family life ministers, educators, and pastors, deacons, lay leaders and volunteers. Families and Communities in Partnership will also serve as excellent reading material in courses on religion and society.
Contents: Preface, Patricia Voydanoff; Acknowledgments; PART ONE: CONCEPTUALIZING PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES; Families in the Context of Community, Robert N. Bellah; PART TWO: BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN FAMILIES AND COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS; Contemporary Family Life: Pastoral Challenges and Responsibilities for Religious Leadership, Dolores R. Leckey; Partners in Learning: Families, Communities, and School, P. Michael Timpane; Taking a Community Approach to Preventing the Creation of a Biological Underclass, Vernellia R. Randall; Clamoring for Justice: Families, Communities, and Government, Sharon Daly; PART THREE: BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS THROUGH THE CATHOLIC COMMUNITY; The Church and Regional Collaboration to Support Families, Raymond L. Fitz, S.M.; We're All in This Together: Children, Families, and the Church, John L. Carr; PART FOUR: CONCLUDING REMARKS; Balance, the Presence of Men, and Collaboration in Caring for Families, James Healy; The Challenge of Partnership: Some Concluding Thoughts, H. Richard McCord, Jr.; Index; About the Contributors.
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University Press of America
Pages: 158Size: 5 3/4 x 8 3/4
978-0-7618-0290-7 • Hardback • June 1996 • $74.00 • (£49.95)
Patricia Voydanoff is Director of the Center for the Study of Family Development at the University of Dayton.