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NATO and the Changing World Order

An Appraisal by Scholars and Policymakers

Kenneth W. Thompson

This book addresses the isssue of NATO's role in today's world. It explores how changes in international political structures have influenced NATO's position and policies, as well as our view of its capacities. The essays in this book look at a variety of controversial issues, paying particular attention to debates over seeing NATO as a modern structure or as an obsolete organization. Contents: Foreword: A New NATO for a New Era, Manfred W'mer; Preface, Kenneth W. Thompson; Introduction, Kenneth W. Thompson; THE UNITED STATES, NATO, AND EUROPE: Post-Cold War American Leadership in NATO, S. Nelson Drew; Partnership for Peace and the Future of European Security, Joseph J. Kruzel; Structure for Security in Europe, John R. Galvin; IS NATO OBSOLETE?: Is NATO Obsolete?, James Chace; Is NATO Obsolete?, Richard L. Kugler; Why NATO Persists, John S. Duffield; THE ENLARGEMENT OF NATO: CHANGING FACES: The Changing Faces of Nato; Partnership for Peace and the Combined Joint Task Force, Doug K. Bereuter; Russia in NATO: The Fourth Generation of the Atlantic Alliance, Ira L. Straus; NATO, East Asia, and Japan, Alan Tonelson; THE FUTURE OF NATO: The Future of NATO, David C. Acheson; NATO's Prospects, John Woodworth; The Future of NATO, Andrew J. Pierre. « less more »
University Press of America
Pages: 252Size: 6 x 9
978-0-7618-0203-7 • Paperback • March 1996 • $58.99 • (£39.95)