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Ethnography in Action

A Mixed Methods Approach

Jean J. Schensul and Margaret D. LeCompte

This is Book 7 of 7 in the Ethnographer's Toolkit, Second Edition.

In Ethnography in Action, Jean J. Schensul and Margaret D. LeCompte explore how ethnographic research intersects with and enhances numerous areas of practice.

Schensul and LeCompte ground this book in the understanding that all applied or practice-oriented social science must be collaborative to be effective. Showing how informal and formal ethnographic methods and knowledge contribute to the arenas in which ethnographers work, the authors cover both the typical practice settings raised in earlier books in the series and introduce two emerging arenas of concern: long-term fieldwork and participatory action research. With its methodological focus and skillful integration of guidelines, checklists, examples, and resources, Book 7 offers a unique guide to the practice of mixed methods ethnography over time and with community involvement.

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AltaMira Press
Pages: 514Size: 6 x 9
978-0-7591-2211-6 • Paperback • January 2016 • $37.95 • (£24.95)
978-0-7591-2212-3 • eBook • January 2016 • $35.95 • (£24.95)
Jean J. Schensul is founding director and senior scientist at the Institute for Community Research in Hartford, Connecticut.

Margaret D. LeCompte is professor emerita of education and sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Ethnography in Action is an indispensable resource for community-based researchers, whether experienced or just starting off. It lights the way for any social scientist who desires to work alongside community members in mapping power dynamics, theorizing paths for social change, and communicating research beyond the academy.
Krista Harper, University of Massachusetts Amherst

As ethnographers search for ways to make their research relevant to multiple publics, Jean Schensul and Margaret LeCompte provide a definitive treatment of collaborative, participatory ethnographic research. In clear, accessible language, the authors lead readers through the interfaces of research, theory, and praxis in which ethnography is a partnership designed to effect sustainable social change. Chock full of concrete examples from the authors’ extensive ethnographic work, they address challenging issues of identifying research questions in tandem with local stakeholders, developing locally informed theory, designing ethnographic evaluations, and impacting public policy. There are lessons for those who teach applied ethnography as well. In a world in which solutions to problems must increasingly embrace the local and the global, Ethnography in Action is an indispensable guide to conducting principled and effective action research.
Teresa L. McCarty, G.F. Kneller Chair in Education and Anthropology, UCLA

The Ethnographer's Toolkit series is designed with the novice fieldworker in mind, taking the reader through the multiple, complex steps of doing ethnographic research in simple, reader-friendly language.

Case studies, checklists, key points to remember, and additional resources to consult are all included to help the reader fully understand the ethnographic process.

The Toolkit is the perfect starting point for professionals in diverse professional fields in social welfare, education, health, economic development, and the arts, as well as for advanced students and experienced researchers unfamiliar with the demands of conducting good ethnography.

Book 7—Ethnography in Action—is completely new to this second edition of the Ethnographer's Toolkit.

Ethnography in Action explores new methods for the dissemination of research results.

Book 7 also highlights innovative applications of ethnographic research in programming, evaluation, interventions, and policy.