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Reinventing the Museum

The Evolving Conversation on the Paradigm Shift, 2nd Edition

Edited by Gail Anderson

Reinventing the Museum: The Evolving Conversation on the Paradigm Shift offers 44 seminal articles representing the changing perspectives about the role of museums in contemporary times. The book includes iconic pieces from the 20th century and presents the latest thinking of the past decade. The book begins with foundational writings that provide a thorough history of museum thought and theory. With this context established, Anderson presents articles that trace the emerging ideas in 21st-century museum studies on public engagement, frameworks, and leadership. In conjunction with introductory material and recommended additional readings, these articles will help students grasp the leading ideas and the essentials of the dialogue taking place in the museum field. « less more »
AltaMira Press
Pages: 558Size: 7 x 10
978-0-7591-1964-2 • Hardback • March 2012 • $116.00 • (£75.00)
978-0-7591-1965-9 • Paperback • March 2012 • $58.00 • (£39.95)
Gail Anderson has been active in the museum field for more than 30 years. She is a museum consultant in private practice.
A Framework: Reinventing the Museum
Part I Pivotal Moments in the 20th-Century Dialogue
  1. The Gloom of the Museum (1917), by John Cotton Dana
  1. What Is a Museum? (1942), by Theodore Low
  1. The Museum, a Temple or the Forum (1971), by Duncan Cameron
  1. Museum Accountability: Laws, Rules, Ethics, and Accreditation (1991), by Willard L. Boyd
  1. Deft Deliberations (1991), by Dan L. Monroe and Walter Echo-Hawk
  1. Deaccessioning: The American Perspective (1991), by Marie C. Malaro
  1. Museums in the Age of Deconstruction (1992), by Michael M. Ames
  1. The Real Multiculturalism: A Struggle for Authority and Power (1992), by Amalia Mesa-Bains
  1. Mining the Museum: An Installation Confronting History (1993), by Lisa G. Corrin
  1. The Constructivist Museum (1995), by George Hein
  1. Creampuffs and Hardball: Are You Really Worth What You Cost or Just Merely Worthwhile? (1999), by Stephen E. Weil
  1. Savings Bank for the Soul (1996), by Elaine Heumann Gurain
  1. Changing Practices of Interpretation (1997), by Lisa C. Roberts
  1. The Experience Economy (1999) , by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore
  1. From Being About Something to Being For Somebody: The Ongoing Transformation of the American Museum (1999), by Stephen E. Weil
Part II The Emerging 21st-Century Ideology
  1. Change and Complexity in the 21st-Century Museum: The Real Relics in our Museums May Be the Ways We Think and Work (2004), by Lois Silverman and Mark O'Neill
  1. The Relevant Museum: A Reflection on Sustainability (2006), by Emlyn Koster
  1. The Case for Holistic Intentionality (2007), by Randi Korn
  1. Museum Collections, Documentation, and Shifting Knowledge Paradigms (2005), by Fiona Cameron
  1. Sustainable Stewardship: Preventative Conservation in a Changing World (2008), by Jerry Podany
  1. Culture and Museums in the Winds of Change: The Need for Cultural Indicators (2010), by Douglas Worts
  1. Embedding Civic Engagement (2010), by Graham Black
Part III Perspectives on Meaningful Public Engagement
  1. Do Museum Exhibitions Have a Future? (2007), by Kathleen McLean
  1. The Exploded Museum (2008), by Peter Samis
  1. The Visitors’ Bill of Rights: A List of Important Human Needs, Seen From the Visitors' Point of View (2000), by Judy Rand
  1. The Museum Visitor Experience: Who Visits, Why and to What Affect? (2010) , by John Falk
  1. Principals of Participation (2009), by Nina Simon
  1. What Is to Be Done, Sandra?: Learning in Cultural Institutions of the Twenty-First Century (2010), by Anna Cutler
  1. Threshold Fear: Architecture Program Planning (2005), by Elaine Heumann Gurian
Part IV Shifting Frameworks and Infrastructures
  1. Creating a New Business Model (2009), by John Falk and Beverly Sheppard
  1. New Ways of Experiencing Culture: The Role of Museums and Marketing Implications (2001), by Neil Kotler
  1. Comprehensive Interpretive Plans: A Framework of Questions (2008) , by Marianna Adams and Judy Koke
  1. From Knowing to Not Knowing: Moving Beyond “Outcomes" (2010), by Andrew Pekarik
  1. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Museum Acquisitions (2006), by Marilyn Phelan
  1. Collections Planning: Pinning Down a Strategy (2002), by James B. Gardner and Elizabeth Merritt
  1. It’s Easy Being Green (2006), by Sarah Brophy and Elizabeth Wylie
Part V Strategic Implications for Leadership
  1. Emotional Intelligence, Passion and Museum Leadership (1999), by Sherene Suchy
  1. Governance as Leadership: Bringing New Governing Mindsets to Old Challenges (2004), by Richard P. Chait, William P. Ryan, and Barbara E. Taylor
  1. The Source: Twelve Principles of Governance That Power Exceptional Boards, by Boardsource
  1. On the Job: For Nonprofits, Final Accountability Rests in the Board's Hands, by Boardsource
41. Multicultural Organizational Development in Nonprofit Organizations: Lessons from the Cultural Competence Learning Initiative (2010), By Laurin Mayeno and Steve Lew
  1. Museums and Libraries in the 21st-Century: New Contexts and Skills Definitions (2009), by the Institute of Museum and Library Services
  1. The Mindful Museum (2010), by Robert R. Janes
  1. Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail (2007), by John P. Kotter
Selected Bibliography
About the Editor
In this new edition of Reinventing the Museum Gail Anderson once again provides a comprehensive and thoughtful array of essays by leaders in the museum field and beyond. Issues that address the challenge of the 21st century museum are explored in many of these essays which will serve both students and practitioners. I welcome this new and valuable addition to the literature.
Martha Morris, Associate Professor of Museum Studies, George Washington University

Gail Anderson's insightful reflections on change effectively contextualize a wealth of readings that have been instrumental in shaping our understanding of the changing roles of museums in society. This exceptional anthology will remind seasoned professionals of where we've come from and stimulate thinking about where we are going—and will build emergent professionals' understanding of the complex forces that are influencing contemporary museum practice.
Joy Davis, University of Victoria

Praise for the first edition: Because its conceptual framework and essays so faithfully represent the reigning orthodoxy in American museums, Reinventing the Museum is the perfect survey text for introductory courses and undergraduate offerings in history, art history, anthropology, and museum studies.

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Praise for the first edition: This book is an excellent starting point for institutions, and those interested in the future of those institutions, to address the problems posed by the high expectations fo the communities they serve.


Used as a required text in intro-, upper- and graduate- level courses including:
Anthropology of Museums; Art History: History of Museums courses; Introduction to Museums; Museum Ethics; Museum Informatics; Museology; Public History

• Selection of Adopting Universities:
Evergreen State College; Harvard University; IUPUI–Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Kennesaw State University; Oberlin College; University of Connecticut; University of California at Los Angeles; Northern Arizona University; Texas Tech University; University of Washington