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Visions of Culture

An Annotated Reader

Edited by Jerry D. Moore

Visions of Culture: An Annotated Reader is an anthology of articles coordinated for use with Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists. Each selection is prefaced with a brief introduction about the anthropologist and the text. Each primary text is followed by a section titled “Queries and Connections,” a series of questions designed to help students focus on the central issues in each text and to relate them to other readings.

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1. Visions of Culture:
An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists
Fourth Edition
Jerry D. Moore

Find full information on the fourth edition of Visions of Culture here.

2. Visions of Culture
An Annotated Reader
Jerry D. Moore
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AltaMira Press
Pages: 516Size: 6 x 9 1/4
978-0-7591-1854-6 • Hardback • June 2009 • $114.00 • (£75.00)
978-0-7591-1855-3 • Paperback • June 2009 • $56.00 • (£37.95)
978-0-7591-1856-0 • eBook • January 2009 • $53.00 • (£37.95)
Jerry D. Moore is professor and chair of anthropology at CSU, Dominguez Hills.
Part I: Introduction
1. Edward Tylor, from Primitive Culture
2. Lewis Henry Morgan, from
Ancient Society
3. Franz Boas, from
The Methods of Ethnology
4. Émile Durkheim, from
Elementary Forms of the Religious Life (Excerpts)

Part II: The Nature of Culture
5. Alfred Kroeber, from Disposal of the Dead
6. Ruth Benedict, from
Configurations of Culture in North America
7. Edward Sapir, from
Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech
8. Margaret Mead, from
More Comprehensive Field Methods

Part III: The Nature of Society

9. Marcel Mauss, from The Gift: Forms and Functions of Exchange in Archaic Societies
10. Bronislaw Malinowski, from
The Primitive Economics of the Trobriand Islanders
11. A. R. Radcliffe-Brown, from
The Comparative Method in Social Anthropology
12. Edward E. Evans-Pritchard, from
Social Anthropology: Past and Present

Part IV. Evolutionary, Adaptationist, and Materialist Theories
13. Leslie A. White, from
Energy and the Evolution of Culture
14. Julian Steward, from
Linguistic Distributions and Political Groups of the Great Basin Shoshoneans
15. Marvin Harris, from
Anthropology and the Theoretical and Paradigmatic Significance of the Collapse of Soviet and East European Communism
16. Eleanor Burke Leacock, from
Women's Status in Egalitarian Society: Implications for Social Evolution

Part V: Structures, Symbols, and Meaning
17. Claude Lévi-Strauss, from The Structural Study of Myth
18. Victor Turner, from
Symbols in African Ritual
19. Clifford Geertz, from
Ritual and Social Change: A Javanese Example
20. Mary Douglas, from
Animals in Lele Religious Symbolism

Part VI. Structures, Practice, Agency, Power
21. James W. Fernandez, from
Symbolic Consensus in a Fang Reformative Cult
22. Sherry B. Ortner, from
On Key Symbols
23. Pierre Bourdieu, from
The Berber House of the World Reversed
24. Eric R. Wolf, from
Types of Latin American Peasantry: A Preliminary Discussion
25. Marshall D. Sahlins, from
Poor Man, Rich Man, Big-Man, Chief: Political Types in Melanesia and Polynesia