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Political Economy, Capitalism, and Popular Culture

Ronnie D. Lipschutz

What does The Dark Knight have to do with political economy or Lord of the Flies with capitalism? A great deal, argues Ronnie D. Lipschutz in this entertaining and enlightening guide to basic concepts and practices in capitalism, neoclassical economics, and political economy. As he convincingly illustrates, film and fiction occupy a dual role in today's economy. They are the products of the economy, designed and presented as commodities to be sold in great quantities even as they serve to reproduce social beliefs and practices (e.g., torture comes to be seen as a routine and necessary means of extracting intelligence from suspects). Drawing on film and fiction from the past sixty years, Lipschutz describes and analyzes their essential role in the production and reproduction of contemporary society. His thoughtful and imaginative critique will bring to life the concepts and practices of economics and political economy for all readers. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 230Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
978-0-7425-5650-8 • Hardback • February 2010 • $91.00 • (£60.00)
978-0-7425-5651-5 • Paperback • January 2010 • $32.00 • (£22.95)
978-0-7425-6788-7 • eBook • February 2010 • $31.99 • (£22.95)
Ronnie D. Lipschutz is professor of politics at the University of California at Santa Cruz.
Chapter 1: Political Economy, Capitalism, and Popular Culture
Chapter 2: Money and Desire
Chapter 3: Bodies and Possessions
Chapter 4: Development and Motion
Chapter 5: Technology and Alienation
Chapter 6: States and Regulations
Chapter 7: Economy and Gender
Chapter 8: Capitalism and Disruption
Chapter 9: Through a Mirror, Darkly
Highly recommended.

A welcome addition at the intersection of popular culture and international relations that offers a sustained analysis of international political economy through film and literature. An important text that students will relate to, learn from, and enjoy.
Cynthia Weber, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

A remarkable survey of important issues in the nuts and bolts of contemporary capitalism as seen through the double lens of film and fiction. Lipschutz's range is very impressive in this carefully structured exploration of what makes our economic world tick. Essential reading for students of both popular culture and recent film history.
Tom Zaniello, author of The Cinema of Globalization

Organized by broad themes in economics and political economy such as "Money and Desire" and "Bodies and Property"

Illustrates how culture and economy produce and reproduce each other through various media, at the same time legitimating unquestioned beliefs and practices

A valuable introduction to political economy concepts and theories

Shows how political economy both structures and is integral to everyday life